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Broker of the Infernal {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::Due to the study of the Infernal laws, you have learned to harness the powers of True Names in your summoning magic. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Knowledge (The Planes) 10, [[Prerequisite::must be able to cast a spell of the [Calling] subtype]]Benefit: When you possess the True Name of a creature, you may summon it with a Summon Monster spell. The version of the summon monster spell used must equal half their CR, as shown below. For all effects, this spell is a summoning spell, and functions as if the creature were a summoned monster, but if killed the creature is dead as normal and cannot be summoned again until it is returned from the dead.

Spell: Maximum CR

  • Summon Monster I: 2
  • Summon Monster II: 4
  • Summon Monster III: 6
  • Summon Monster IV: 8
  • Summon Monster V: 10
  • Summon Monster VI: 12
  • Summon Monster VII: 14
  • Summon Monster VIII: 16
  • Summon Monster IX: 18

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