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Breath of the Elements [Type::Elemental] Summary::You have a breath weapon. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Resistance 20+ or immunity to an energy type.Benefit: Select an energy type that you meet this feat's prerequisite for and that you do not have a special vulnerability to (either the Vulnerability "ability," or an ability weakened/negated by taking that damage type, such as taking real damage through Regeneration). You gain a Breath Weapon usable every 5 rounds that inflicts 1d6 damage per hit die you have of that energy type in a 30' cone or 60' line, your choice when you take the feat. Your Breath Weapon allows a reflex save for half damage, DC 10 + 1/2 your hit dice + your Constitution modifier


  • Book of Elements release: Added line option, raised prerequisite resistance to 20 (was 10).

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