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Balance: Wizard

Breach Impediments [{{#arraymap: Epic, Psionic|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your psionic power can breach through restricting impediments. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Psicraft 30 ranks, any 2 metapsionic feats, ability to manifest 9th level powers.|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Your psionic power can breach through restricting impediments.Benefit: If you would be unable to manifest a power in an area or a power you manifest would be unable to enter an area because of an effect that negates or suppresses it (such as an antimagic field) you may make a manifester level check to ignore that impediment ([10 + your manifester level] against the caster level or manifester level of the impeding effect (in some cases the DM may have to adjudicate a DC)). You must make this check for each such impediment.Normal: Antimagic fields and the like completely prevent manifestations from occurring within them or traveling through them.

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