Abode of Earth [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You are at home within the earth. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: (Earth) Subtype, Burrow speed, Character level 3+|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Your Burrow speed improves by 10' or to a minimum of 30', and you may burrow through rock. You may leave a tunnel or leave the earth behind you undisturbed, as you choose. If you leave the earth undisturbed, there is no sign of your passage unless you are in a square adjacent to a surface, except to creatures with Tremorsense or who make the Listen check to hear you. The Listen check is not made more difficult just because you're underground, but is is affected by distance through the clump of material you're in as though it were air. Other rocks and earthen walls do interfere as normal.

Adept Flyer [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You are a natural flyer. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: (Air) subtype, Fly speed, Character level 5+|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Your Fly speed improves to twice your base land speed (minimum 60'), or increases by +10', whichever result is greater, and your maneuverability improves to Perfect. Your Fly speed improves by 20' for every five character levels you gain beyond 5th.

Arcane Bore [Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: Three times per day, when you cast a damaging spell, you do not expend the spell slot or prepared spell you would have otherwise used.
  • 1: Every time you cast a damaging spell that affects a creature, you gain a +2 bonus to overcome that specific creature's spell resistance. You do not gain this bonus if the creature is allowed and makes a saving throw against your spell or the spell fails to bypass spell resistance. This bonus lasts until the creature gains a level.
  • 3: All single-target damaging spells you cast are Maximized. All damaging spells you cast with multiple targets or an area or effect that affects multiple creatures are treated as Maximized against one target per level of the spell (decided before rolling damage for the others).
  • 6: Whenever you cast a damaging spell that allows a reflex saving throw for half damage, you may deny that saving throw to one creature per two caster levels.
  • 9: All damaging spells you cast are Maximized.{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

Attune Sphere {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You incorporate the workings of an elemental sphere into your magic. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Caster level 1, must conduct a ritual using a piece of an elemental with access to the chosen sphere.|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Choose a sphere when this feat is selected. Every spell from that sphere is considered to be on your spell-list for any spellcasting classes you happen to have. You are considered to know each of those spells at the level they appear in the chosen sphere. These spells are cast (and prepared, if appropriate) as normal for your class.Special: You may select this feat multiple times, its effects do not stack. Each time you may select a new sphere. You may not have more than three attuned domains or spheres together.

Binding Growth [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You grow on people. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Wood Elemental Creature (e.g., Psuedoelemental Being (Wood) feat)|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: After pinning or lifting a creature for a round, you may attempt to grow a Binding Growth on them with another grapple check against a DC of 10 + their Grapple modifier. Once you do so, they are bound, losing their Dexterity bonus to AC and their ability to take physical actions other than try to escape, until they break the bonds. The bonds can be broken by others with a slashing melee weapon capable of doing 5+your hit dice points of damage against AC 5+your Constitution modifier, but a miss hurts the bound creature; by a Strength check (DC 15 + your Constitution modifier); or by an Escape Artist check (DC 10 + your hit dice + your Constitution modifier). Even once broken, they remain on for 1d4 rounds, entangling the bound creature.

Blazing Speed [{{#arraymap: Elemental, Racial|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You streak across the battlefield like a flaming meteor. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Burn, Firebodied|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Your base land speed improves to 50', and your base Climb speed improves to 30'. You gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity provoked due to your movement through a threatened area. You may also take a full round action to move twice your speed in any movement mode in a straight line. When you do so, you may move through any number of enemies equal to or less than the number of attacks you would be allowed in a full attack. You may not move through enemies more than one size larger than you. When you do so, follow the following steps: 1) Opponent chooses to let you by? Yes, go to 2. No, go to 3.
2) Opponent makes Reflex save against your Burn ability. You continue moving and may pick a new target. End.
3) Opponent makes an attack of opportunity provoked by your entering their space. Go to 4.
4) You make a Trip attack. You do not need to make an initial touch attack. Your opponent is affected by your Burn ability as though by a failed save. Did you trip them? No: Go to 5. Yes: Go to 6
5) Opponent makes attack of opportunity on you unless you have the Edge. Did they hit you and either apply damage or make a successful combat maneuver (Disarm, Trip, Grapple, etc)? Yes: You fall prone in the last space you were in before entering theirs. No: You continue moving; this attack is completed. End.
6) If you have the edge, you may make an attack of opportunity against them for falling (note that they are already on fire). Regardless, you continue moving; this attack is resolved. End.

Breath of the Elements [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You have a breath weapon. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Resistance 20+ or immunity to an energy type.|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Select an energy type that you meet this feat's prerequisite for and that you do not have a special vulnerability to (either the Vulnerability "ability," or an ability weakened/negated by taking that damage type, such as taking real damage through Regeneration). You gain a Breath Weapon usable every 5 rounds that inflicts 1d6 damage per hit die you have of that energy type in a 30' cone or 60' line, your choice when you take the feat. Your Breath Weapon allows a reflex save for half damage, DC 10 + 1/2 your hit dice + your Constitution modifier

Burn [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You're hot. You're on fire. You like to burn things. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: (Fire) Subtype|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Anything you hit with your natural weapons or unarmed strikes must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your hit dice + your Constitution modifier) or catch fire until it is put out, taking 1d6 damage per round, plus 1d6 damage per round per five hit dice you have. Your natural weapon attacks add the same amount of fire damage. Creatures hitting you with natural weapons suffer the same effect. Any creature grappling you, or that you grapple, is automatically on fire, and cannot be put out until it is no longer grappling you. Any creature that fails a saving throw against one of your abilities that does fire damage also catches fire.

Clockwork Centurion [Leadership, Skill]

You are served by an array of mechanical and magically-animated servants. {{#set:Summary=You are served by an array of mechanical and magically-animated servants. }}

Benefits: This is a skill feat that scales with your ranks in Craft{{#set:Skill=Craft}}.

  • 0 ranks: You can repair constructs using the Craft skill and the DC table for Heal. Constructs under your long-term care gain the natural healing they would have if alive before applying the usual benefits, and your first aid restores one hit point to constructs that need first aid.
  • 4 ranks: Your skills give life to a variety of contraptions. You gain a leadership score equal to three less than your ranks in Craft, plus your Intelligence modifier, and appropriate followers for it. Your followers granted by this feat are all constructs. They need not be sapient. You can repair your followers back to animation if they are destroyed.
  • 9 ranks: You are able to construct a guardian for yourself, gaining a cohort. Your cohort from this feat must be a construct. If it is normally mindless, it has an Intelligence score equal to your ranks in Craft. Other mental attributes below your ranks in Craft are raised to equal your craft ranks. Finally, if your Intelligence modifier is positive, you may distribute that many single-point increases among your cohort's mental attributes. You can repair your cohort if it is destroyed.
  • 14 ranks: Once per day per two craft ranks you have, you can repair a damaged construct in an instant. This behaves as a Heal or Raise Dead spell, except that it affects constructs and not living creatures. This is a spell-like ability. You can also craft constructs as though you had the Craft Construct feat.
  • 19 ranks: Once per day, you can awaken a mindless construct, causing it to gain an Intelligence score of 3d6. If its Wisdom or Charisma scores are 6 or below, they are also raised to 3d6. This is a spell-like ability, and takes an hour of work.{{#arraymap: Leadership|,|x|{{#set:Type=x}}}}{{#set:Type=Skill}}{{#set:Prerequisite=None}}

Double Strike [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You can strike twice as fast. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Base Attack Bonus +4 or higher, one Slam natural weapon.|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You gain a second Slam natural weapon, identical to the one you already have. This feat has no effect if you already have two. Your strength bonus to damage for your slam adjusts to be normal for the new situation. If you can make iterative attacks with the first one, you can also make iterative attacks with this one.

Drench [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your body puts out fires. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: (Water) Subtype|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You can put out fires by touching them. A nonmagical fire at least two size categories smaller than you can be put out automatically as a free action. A nonmagical fire your size or smaller, or an equally large portion of a larger fire, takes a standard action. A magical fire is no action (if instantaneous), or a standard action (if it has a duration of one round or more), and requires a Dispel check (1d20 + your Character level against DC 11 + caster level). Successfully drenching a fire ends it as a Dispel Magic spell (counterspell, if instantaneous, otherwise targeted). If the source of the magical fire has multiple distinct parts (such as a Meteor Swarm's multiple meteors), you only put out the part touching you. You take no damage from any fire you successfully put out. Fire creatures are not subject to this effect unless summoned, in which case the summoning behaves as a magical fire.

Drowning Grasp [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You drown your enemies in your watery embrace. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: (Water) Subtype, Character level 3+|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You gain the Vortex ability of a Water Elemental. You gain Improved Grab on one type of natural weapon that you have, such as Slam or Claw, which can only be used for the Hold Down grapple option; if you have no natural weapons, but gain them at a later level, this applies to the first natural weapon you gain and any alike to it. Also, any creature you have Held Down or Lifted, or any creature Grabbing On to you, is considered to be underwater, and must breathe or hold its breath appropriately.

Elemental Aura [{{#arraymap: Fiend, Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your close relationship with primal elemental forces has manifested in a damaging aura. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Character level 7, must have a subtype granting immunity to a form of elemental damage|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Choose one of your elemental subtypes granting immunity to a form of elemental damage. You radiate a damaging aura that does 4d6 of elemental damage of that type to any creature within 10’ of you at the beginning of your turn.

Elemental Resistance [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your elemental heritage gives you the ability to resist energy attacks. {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: You gain Resistance 5 * Character level to one or two energy types, depending on your elemental subtype.

  • Air: Electricity and Cold.
  • Earth: Acid and Cold
  • Fire: Cold. This applies before your Cold Vulnerability is taken into account.
  • Water: Acid and ElectricitySpecial: If you have multiple elemental subtypes, pick two subtypes and then one energy type from each of those subtypes' list. If you have the Psuedoelemental Being feat and none of the above Subtypes, instead pick from the list below:
  • Ice: Fire. This applies before your Fire Vulnerability is taken into account.
  • Shadow: Cold and Fire.
  • Wood: Acid and Fire.

Elemental Whirlwind [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You gain the signature ability of Air Elementals to transform into a Whirlwind. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: (Air) Subtype, Character Level 5+|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You gain the Air Elemental's Whirlwind ability. It is sized, and does damage, as one of your size, but uses your hit dice for its duration.

Element-Binding Craft {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You have found the secrets to force an elemental into a magic item and steal its power. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Three or more Item Creation feats, ability to cast Lesser Planar Binding.|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: When crafting a magic item, you can bind an elemental to it. The elemental must be available and restrained for the entire crafting. If it is within a summoning circle, it may attempt to escape once per day during the crafting, as normal. Once you finish crafting, the creature vanishes into the item. It is sent back to its home plane when the item is destroyed. Binding an elemental to an item works like using a soul: it reduces the materials cost of the item by 100 x the CR of the elemental squared, EXP cost, if applicable, by a fifth of that, and allows you to use any spells with the appropriate elemental descriptor of a spell level up to the creature's CR to satisfy prerequisites to craft that item. The elemental can be detected by spells that detect alignments, creatures, and so on.

Energy Reshaper [Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: Your damaging spells can do acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, at your option, instead of whatever kind they normally do. Their descriptors change appropriately.
  • 1: Whenever one of your damaging spells affects a creature that you can see, you can make a Spellcraft check (DC 10 + the creature's CR) to know all of its Energy Resistance, Immunity, and Vulnerability traits, as well as any energy types that bypass its Regeneration, if any.
  • 3: You may Sculpt any of your damaging spells, as the Sculpt Spell feat. If you don't, they are instead Enlarged. Neither increases the level of spell slot needed.
  • 6: All of your damaging spells that are at least three levels lower than your highest castable spell level can inflict acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, at your option, in addition to whatever kind they normally do (roll all dice separately for each type), as long as the two kinds are different. The spell gains descriptors appropriately. You may transform any damaging spell that does not gain an additional energy type to instead do sonic, force, negative, or positive damage, the latter two sometimes healing things.
  • 9: All of your damaging spells inflict their full listed damage in each of two energy types of your choice: acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, negative, positive, or sonic.{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

Energy Specialization [Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: Select an energy type: Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Fire. Whenever you cast a spell, you may change all energy damage it deals to that energy type, and adjust its descriptors accordingly. This does not affect spells that summon creatures. This counts as the Energy Substitution feat for purposes of meeting prerequisites for things.
  • 1: Whenever you do damage of your selected energy type to a creature with your spells, its resistance to that type drops by half the damage done. Its resistance recovers at a rate of one point per full minute spent without being further decreased. You inflict half damage to creatures immune to your energy type when attacking them with that energy type.
  • 3: You may change half of the energy damage you inflict with your spell to another type. You also can add a negative condition to your damaging spells, depending on the energy type you choose:
  • Acid: Poisoned Acid: Half of all Acid damage is instead poisonous (creatures with no metabolism are immune, but no resistances apply). Creatures hit are poisoned (1d4 STR primary and secondary, save DC equal to that of the spell).
  • Cold: Uttercold: Half of all Cold damage is instead negative energy. Creatures that fail their saves are fatigued. This counts as the Lord of the Uttercold feat for purposes of meeting prerequisites.
  • Fire: Brightfire: Half of all Fire damage is instead dealt by light (undead and oozes take double damage; fire resistance and immunity don't work but light resistance does), and the spell gains the [Light] descriptor. Creatures that fail their saves are blinded for 2 rounds.
  • Electric: Three Thunders: Half of all Electric damage is instead Sonic, and the spell gains the [Sonic] descriptor. Creatures that fail their saves are dazed for one round. This counts as the Born of Three Thunders feat for purposes of meeting prerequisites.
  • 6: A number of times per day equal to the ability modifier you use to set your spell saving throw DCs (highest one, if you have multiple qualifying spellcasting classes), your damaging spells may inflict full damage in both their original type and in the damage type you are specialized in.
  • 9: Creatures that take damage from your spells lose immunity and resistances to your selected energy type until the end of your next turn, especially if it doesn't make sense (i.e., being able to fireball a fire elemental on the plane of fire and then having the plane burn it to death). Any vulnerabilities that they have stay. Your spells do lethal damage to creatures with regeneration, as long as any energy type does.{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

Extra Arms [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You have more arms than normal. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Character level 9+|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You have two extra humanoid arms. Each arm has your full strength and dexterity.Special: You may take this feat more than once, its effects stack. You must have a minimum of 6 more levels for each iteration of this feat (so a 15th level character may have 2 sets of extra arms).

Extra Legs [{{#arraymap: Elemental, Fiend|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You are quadrupedal. {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: You gain +20' to your land speed, and Swim speed if you have one. This does not affect other movement modes. You also gain all of the benefits of being quadrupedal (stability and increased carrying capacity), and a +2 bonus on all checks to Trip or Bull Rush enemies.

Flare of Magic [Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: Three times per day, you can cast two damaging spells at the same time. Use the higher casting time and expend spell slots for both. Neither such spell can be at your highest castable spell level.
  • 1: All damaging spells you cast have their damage dice increased one step (d6 to d8 to d10 to d12)
  • 3: A number of times per day equal to three plus the modifier of the ability score that determines your spell save DCs, (use highest if you have multiple), you may Empower any spell you cast while casting it.
  • 6: All damaging spells you cast are Empowered.
  • 9: All damaging spells you cast may be Twinned instead of Empowered. The twin uses the same damage rolls as the original.{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

Fortress Mage [Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: You gain the Trapfinding ability of a Rogue.
  • 1: You can craft any magic item that is not man-portable and does not move under its own power as if you had all required Item Creation feats. This does not include all nonportable wondrous items (Crystal Balls, for instance, are not included).
  • 3: You can craft any nonportable wondrous item as though you had the feat. Also, with a 24-hour ritual, you can declare a Sanctum filling one 10-foot cube per hit die. While you are in your Sanctum, any spells you cast have their caster level and save DCs increased by one.
  • 6: While in your Sanctum, you may store a spell that you can cast as a free action if you cast spontaneously, or as part of preparing spells if you prepare spells, up to a limit of a total number of stored spell levels equal to the square of your highest castable spell level. Storing a spell consumes its spell slot as if it was cast. If you have a spell stored may, as a free action once per round if you prepare spells, swap any single prepared spell or spell slot that you can prepare a spell into that you have with a stored spell. If you cast spontaneously, you can cast a stored spell without expending a spell slot. Once cast, no matter how, the spell is no longer stored. If you move your Sanctum, you lose all stored spells.
  • 9: You can create an item-bound demiplane. Once you do, you can't create another one for as long as the first one exists. The entire item-bound demiplane is treated as an extension of your Sanctum. All parameters for the creation of the demiplane as as the Genesis spell.{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

Hardiness of the Elements [{{#arraymap: Elemental, Racial|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You have astounding physical fortitude due to your elemental nature. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: [Elemental] type|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You are immune to Poison, Disease, Stunning, and Paralysis. Your inherent light fortification upgrades to a 50% chance to negate any critical hit or sneak attack that would not affect an elemental.

Huge Size [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your size increases to Huge Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Character level 10|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: If your size would normally be Large without this feat, it increases to Huge (with all the usual changes).
If your element is Air, Fire, or Shadow, two points of the Strength boost and one point of the natural armor increase for the size increase may be traded to remove the reduction to Dexterity. You may do this trade twice, giving a final total of STR +4, DEX +2, Natural Armor +1.

Ice Trail [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You leave a trail of ice where-ever you go. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Character Level 3+, (Cold) Subtype|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Your square counts as if it had the Grease spell cast on it, except that the slick is made of ice and has the (Cold) descriptor. Any square you leave has this effect on it, lasting until the end of your next turn. You never slip on ice, making you immune to this effect.

Infusion of Elemental Essence {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You have been infused with the power of one of the elemental planes, granting you an affinity for that element and a small degree of magical power. {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: You may take any feat with the [ Elemental ] type that you qualify for and may take levels in Elemental Brute as though you were an elemental, and may choose an element (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water), and take [ Elemental ] feats as though you had that subtype. If you become an Elemental Brute, you become that type of Brute. You also gain Resistance 20 to two energy types and immunity to one dependent on your element:

  • Air: Electricity immunity, Acid and Cold resistance.
  • Earth: Acid immunity, Electricity and Cold resistance.
  • Fire: Fire Immunity, Electricity and Sonic resistance.
  • Water: Cold immunity, Acid and Fire resistance.

You may select this feat only once.

Large Size [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your size increases to Large. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Character level 5|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: If your size would normally be Medium without this feat, it increases to Large (with all the usual changes).
If your element is Air, Fire, or Shadow, two points of the Strength boost and one point of the Natural Armor increase for the size increase may be traded to remove the reduction to Dexterity. You may make this trade twice, for a final total of STR +4, Dex +2, Natural Armor +0

Magical Artifice [Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: As an immediate action, you may re-activate any magic item you can touch that has been suppressed by Dispel Magic or a similar effect.
  • 1: You can craft any Wondrous Item that grants a continuous numeric bonus as though you had the feat.
  • 3: You gain Craft Magic Arms and Armor as a bonus feat. You can craft one additional kind of wondrous item (your choice, but not Charged or Single Use)
  • 6: You gain your choice of Forge Ring or Craft Rod as a bonus feat. You can craft one additional kind of wondrous item (your choice, but not Charged or Single Use)
  • 9: You gain what you missed out on for Forge Ring or Craft Rod. You also gain the Craft Wondrous Item feat. You can also craft artifacts, scaling magic items that treat low-level users as high-level ones. The first time you use this ability (ever) to craft an Artifact no better than your level-3 is free; subsequent times, and creating higher-level artifacts, cost the normal creation cost for artifacts.{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

Master of the Primordial {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::Your mastery over raw chaos rivals that of the oldest gods, allowing you to shape it into entire planes of existence. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Reality Shaper, 18+ ranks in Craft|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: When you have Raw Chaos, you may expend it to create a demiplane as a standard action. See the section on creating demiplanes under Sites and Seats of power; your caster level is equal to your Craft ranks, and the save DC is 9 + 1/2 your Craft ranks + your Intelligence modifier. You may create a coterminous or tangent plane, and tangent planes may have boundaries or be self-contained. If this is done as part of the process of creating an artifact, the plane may also be item-bound. When you create the plane, you must make a Craft check after making all decisions for the plane; if not stressed (such as by making the plane as a refuge while in combat), you can take 10. The plane created is spherical, with a radius equal to 10 feet times your craft check result, or cylindrical, with a radius of 20 feet times your craft check result and a height of 20 feet per rank in craft that you have. The planar environment can be made out of anything that can be Fabricated from its basic components with a check 20 less than your check result.

Getting a plane with the traits you want is a base DC of 10, plus the trait value of the plane. If you fail the check, randomly choose a planar trait, remove its DC adjustment, and replace the trait with whatever you get for free (if you have multiple options, pick one at random).

After creating your demiplane, you may expand it, adding to its primary dimension with another Craft check, as a week's work for no additional expenditure of Raw Chaos. A second expansion requires more Raw Chaos. You can expand it for free once after each time you spend Raw Chaos to grow the plane, before you spend Raw Chaos again.

Creating demiplanes with this feat is a Supernatural ability.

You also gain power over Divinely Morphic planes. You may cause any region on a Divinely Morphic plane to revert to its normal planar traits as a full-round action, with a Craft check opposing a level check or craft check from its original reshaper, if present (if not, or if the original reshaper doesn't oppose you, you automatically succeed). A day's work can allow you to change the magic, elemental, and aligned traits on any Divinely Morphic plane to a radius of up to one mile per rank of Craft that you have; doing so requires a Craft check with a DC exactly as if you were creating the plane in the first place.

Mystical Expanse [Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: Your caster level is considered four higher than it actually is for purposes of determining spell ranges.
  • 1: By increasing the level of a spell by one, you can double its range. By increasing the level of a spell by two, you may increase its range category one step on the following list: touch -> close -> medium -> long. Touch spells still require a touch attack, and the ranged touch attack they provide cannot be retried as it can for a melee touch spell. These two powers can be applied consecutively. Spells with a doubled long range do not count as having longer-than-long range for purposes of obstruction by continuous material.
  • 3: By increasing the level of a spell by one, you can double one dimension that contributes to its area. You may apply this multiple times to the same spell for orthogonal dimensions. If two or all dimensions are equivalent or related on a spell (such as the radius of a cylinder or sphere, or the widest horizontal width, vertical width, and length of a cone), you must apply this to both dimensions or none of them. Applying this feat to a cone or line also increases its range. A spell with an area defined in terms of 10' cubes has four orthogonal dimensions, three of which are equivalent (cube edge lengths), and one which isn't (number of cubes).
  • 6: You may apply the benefits of this feat to a spell without increasing its level a number of times per day equal to twice the highest level of spell you can cast. Using a benefit of this feat that requires an increase of multiple levels costs the same number of uses. Keep track of a separate pool of uses for each class that can cast 6th level spells.
  • 9: You gain one "free" use of the level 6 ability of this feat for each spell you cast. That use may only be applied to the spell that provides it.{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

Primal Armor [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your body deflects blows off of itself. {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: You gain impenetrable Damage Reduction equal to half your character level, rounded up (1/- at first level, 2/- at 3rd, 5/- at 9th, 10/- at 19th).

Primal Fortification [{{#arraymap: Elemental, Racial|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your body has become even more impenetrable. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Hardiness of the Elements|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You gain immunity to Critical Hits. You also cannot be flanked, as your undiffentiated body has no clear front or back.

Psuedoelemental Being [{{#arraymap: Racial|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You are a psuedoelemental being, with rare and unique powers. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Elemental-Bodied|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Instead of picking a normal elemental type as an elemental-bodied, select one of the following other planes: Ice, Magma, Shadow, or Wood. You gain benefits as follows for the type you've picked:

  • Ice: You gain the (Cold) subtype, a 30' base land speed, a 30' swim speed, and +2 to Str. Your melee attacks do 1d6 bonus Cold damage. You speak Aquan and Auran.
  • Magma: You gain both the (Earth) and (Fire) subtypes. Your base land speed is 20', and you gain +2 Str (only). Otherwise you gain the full benefits of both elements.
  • Shadow: You have a 30' base land speed and a Fly speed of 10', with good maneuverability, and gain +2 Dex. You are invisible in any lighting less than bright light. You speak Umbral. Despite your affiliation to the Plane of Shadow instead of to the Inner Planes, you still qualify for [ Elemental ] feats.
  • Wood: You have no elemental subtype, and gain +2 Con and a 10' Climb speed. You gain Regeneration 1, penetrable by Fire and Slashing weapons, which improves to Regeneration equal to your level in areas of natural daylight or equivalent brightness (such as a Daylight spell). You only gain natural healing if you spend at least 8 hours/day in such brightness. You count as a Plant, in addition to an Elemental, for all effects relating to type. You speak your choice of Sylvan or Treant, and any Elemental language.

Other Dual-element types than Magma, such as Ooze (Water and Earth), Smoke (Air and Fire), Vapor (Water and Air), and so on are possible.Special: This feat may only be taken at 1st level.

Ravid's Hand {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::Objects near you occasionally animate and do what you want Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Clockwork Centurion, ability to cast Animate Objects, or connection to the Positive Energy Plane|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: As a swift action, you can animate an object to produce an animated object of a CR of up to your level - 2, or a group of smaller objects of the same total hit dice as that animated object would have. These objects stay animated until they are destroyed, you dismiss the effect, or you animate something else. Attended and magical objects get a will save (DC 7 + 1/2 your level + your Charisma modifier) to not animate. Once an object succeeds on its save, you can't try again for 24 hours for that object, or, if it was attended, anything else attended by the same person.

Above level 12, you gain 16 hit dice of objects at levels 13 and 14 (for a total of 64 at 14), 32 at each level 15 and 16 (128 at 16), 64 at each level 17 and 18 (256 at 18), and 128 at each of 19 and 20 (512 hit dice, or sixteen colossal animated objects, at level 20)Special: This is an [Elemental] feat if its prerequisite is satisfied by an elemental connection to the positive energy plane; otherwise it is a [General] feat.

Reality Shaper {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You can shape primordial chaos into powerful magic items. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Three or more Item Creation feats, caster level 10th+|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You can transform Raw Chaos into magic items. Doing so takes the normal creation time for the item, but reduces its cost to create by 200,000 GP and its experience cost to create by 40,000 EXP. You can make multiple magic items out of the same piece of Raw Chaos, and need not work consecutively, but before you begin your work you must decide what you are going to make the chaos into. Raw chaos is potent stuff, and you gain the ability to use use the Use Magic Device skill if you have it to emulate spell prerequisites as though you had scrolls of any such spells made by a Wizard, Cleric, or Druid at minimum caster level. If the spell does not appear on their lists, you may emulate it as though from any class that can cast ninth-level spells; failing that, any class is permissible. You need only do this once per crafting per spell, and must do this in order from lowest caster level to highest; each previous successful check raises the DC of subsequent checks by two. Items created out of Raw Chaos usually detect as strongly chaotic for a long time after having been made that way, but usually this fades after a few years. The vestiges of chaos in the item, however, are not predictable and may remain for longer, or leave sooner.

Rending Flames [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your fire isn't just hot, but also solid and sharp. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Burn|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Any creature you set on fire with your Burn feat takes an equal number of dice of physical damage every round until it puts out the fire. This applies even to creatures immune to or made of fire. It bypasses damage reduction as magic, adamantine, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing.

Sphere Focus [{{#arraymap: Monstrous|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You can draw on the power of a specific Sphere more easily. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Access to at least one Sphere|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Select a Sphere that you know. The DC of any saving throw against spells from that Sphere increases by 1.Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take this feat, it applies to a different Sphere.

Stolen Breath [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You take people's breath away by force. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Character level 3, one of (Air) Subtype or Drowning Grasp|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: On a successful Grapple check, your opponent may not speak or breathe for one round in addition to any normal effects of a successful Grapple check.

Store Magic [Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: You can recharge wands and staffs, provided that you can cast every spell the item casts at the item's caster level or higher. Recharging an item takes a day, and restores a number of charges to it equal to the number of times you can cast its highest-level spell that day (if it has multiple equally-high-level spells, you can cast both and use the total number of times you can cast them). Also, whenever you use a Spell Completion or Spell Trigger item, it uses your ability scores to set the DC (from whichever class grants you the ability to use the spell, or Charisma if using Use Magic Device).
  • 1: You gain Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat.
  • 3: You gain Craft Wand or Brew Potion as a bonus feat.
  • 6: You gain Craft Staff as a bonus feat, and whatever you missed out of Craft Wand and Brew Potion. You may craft magic staffs as though you had the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat. You may also craft any Wondrous Item, Rod, or Ring that has a limited number of charges or that is single-use as though you had the appropriate item creation feats.
  • 9: You can use a charge from a wand, staff, or similar item, or a spell written on a scroll within five minutes after casting a spell to get that spell slot or prepared spell back. The spell in the magic item must be the same spell, or the same school and higher level, as the spell you are recovering.{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

Summon the Legion [Leadership, Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: You may call any of your followers or cohorts granted by a feat as a standard action. When you call one, you may choose one of a specific interchangeable kind or a specific one. This is a Conjuration (Calling) effect. The follower appears at a point you designate within close range. Unlike other (Calling) effects, it works regardless of what plane of existence you or your follower are on.
  • 1: You can call a group of group of minions, causing you to gain a leadership score equal to your unmodified caster level + your Charisma modifier, and attract followers. These followers must not be native to the material plane.
  • 3: You are able to enforce the loyalty of a mighty planar creature, giving you a cohort who must not be native to the material plane.
  • 6: When any creature within close range of you is subject to a hostile teleportation or abjuration effect that would result in it being teleported and that allows a saving throw, you may choose to make a saving throw as well. If you succeed, the effect is negated.
  • 9: You can call any subset (including "all of them") of your cohorts and followers as a standard action, placing each individual at any point you choose within long range. You can summon any cohort you have as a standard action to anywhere in close range of you, but only one at a time, as a (Summoning) effect. Summoned cohorts remain so for one round per level or until killed. If killed while summoned, they reform 24 hours later.{{#arraymap: Leadership|,|x|{{#set:Type=x}}}}{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

Tremorsense [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] [[Summary::Your close connection to your home element gives you Tremorsense.]] Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: (Earth) or (Water) Subtype, Character level 6+|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You gain Tremorsense out to 120'. You gain Blindsight out to 30', detecting any creature you can Tremorsense. If you have the (Water) subtype and not the (Earth) subtype, your Tremorsense works at its full range in liquids, but only to half range through solids; it also does not grant Blindsight through solids.

Touch of Shadow [{{#arraymap: Elemental|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your shadowy touch can bypass armor. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Shadow Elemental Creature (Psuedoelemental Being (Shadow), Shadow Genasi, or similar), Natural weapon, Character Level 3+|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You may choose to make natural weapon attacks as touch attacks. Such attacks use your Dexterity bonus to hit, instead of Strength, and do not gain Strength to damage.

Uncanny Flexibility [{{#arraymap: Elemental, Racial|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your body, being made of a material other than flesh, bends in directions and places that flesh neither can nor should. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Airbodied, Firebodied, or Waterbodied; or Psuedoelemental Being (Magma or Shadow); Elemental type; or Para-Elemental Being|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to Escape Artist checks, and Escape Artist is always a class skill for you. You can slip through spaces smaller than your head, as long as reasonably thick oil could flow through them, and may attempt to slip manacles, ropes, webs, nets, grapplers, and similar bonds as a free action once per round per restraint.SMW::ON

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