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The Book of Elements Edit

I've been sitting on this for months, and it hasn't been getting better. So, here it is: the Book of Elements.

Summary::The big problem for elementals, and for the elements themselves, is the same as for fiends: People can tell you what they are, but can't tell you what they actually do. People like the elements, and so they've ended up plugged in to all kinds of magic, but when nobody's casting an elemental spell they pretty much just sit there. This book sets out to expand the elements into something that can be an active, dynamic part of a campaign, with places to go, people to visit, things to see, kingdoms to overthrow, and, of course, treasure and magic to find.

Unlike the earlier Tomes, which mostly consisted of fixes to things and expected you to own other books, this book also rewrites key portions of non-core books to create open-content alternatives.

Contents Edit

What are Elements?

Elements Don't Work in Philosophy
Elements Don't Work in the Game
What to Do with the Elements?
Elements and Transitive Planes
The Trouble with Infinity

What is Magic?

What Magic is Not
What Magic Might Be
Where are the Limits to Magic?
Schools of Magic
Thermoarcana: The Entropy of a Closed Multiverse

Races of the Elements

Unusual Races
Powerful Races

Elementals with Class

Base Classes
Prestige Classes
Racial Substitution Levels

Elementals of Style

Character Backgrounds
Feat Listing

Magic Items

Magic Item Slots
Magic Item Types
Dealing in Items
Making Magic Items
Glyphs and Wards

The Inner Planes

Crossing the Planes
Alignments of the Inner Planes
Mephits and Genies: Society on the Inner Planes

Environments of the Inner Planes

Elemental Plane of Fire
Elemental Plane of Water
Elemental Plane of Air
Elemental Plane of Earth
Negative Energy Plane
Positive Energy Plane
Plane of Shadow
Elemental Plane of Ice
Elemental Plane of Wood

High Adventure on the Inner Planes

High Adventure in . . . The Plane of Air!
High Adventure in . . . The Plane of Earth!
High Adventure in . . . The Plane of Fire!
High Adventure in . . . The Plane of Water!
High Adventure in . . . The Plane of Ice!
High Adventure in . . . The Plane of Wood!
High Adventure in . . . The Negative Energy Plane!
High Adventure in . . . The Positive Energy Plane!
High Adventure in . . . The Plane of Shadow!
High Adventure. . . Across the Inner Planes!

Monsters of the Elements

Elemental Type
Completing the Monster Manual
How Stuff Works: How Elementals Work

Sites and Seats of Elemental Power

Elemental Rulers
Places of Elemental Power on the Material Plane
Power Sites on the Elemental Planes
Creating Demiplanes

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