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Bone Spike

This looks like a sharpened human femur with a dark purple, smooth stone fastened in the blunt end. The Bone has a strong aura of necromancy and faint, indiscernible murmurs can be heard when holding it to the ear.

Who created the Bone Spike, or how it came into the world, remains a mystery, but it is treasured among necromancers, who will go to great lengths to get this minor artifact. For the power of the Bone Spike to awaken, one must willingly pierce his own heart with it. Should that happen the person dies immediately but wakes up moments later, with his soul contained in the Spike. At that point, the person is completely dependent of the Bone Spike. Should the Spike be removed, the person will die instantly.

Removing the spike is rather easy; it merely takes a Strength check (DC 10). The DC of the Strength check increases by 2 each month until it reaches a DC of 30, at which point the spike is part of the person’s spine. Pulling it out is as easy as pulling his arm off.

As long as the Spike is lodged in the person, he cannot die. Wounds close up at a rate of 8 hp per round, and limbs regenerate (head too). Nothing short of a Disintegrate spell, or equivalent, can kill the wielder of the Bone Spike.

Caster Level 20; Weight 4 lb.

Weaknesses Edit

Thrusting the Bone Spike through the heart of an undead being destroys the Bone Spike and resurrects the undead, bringing him back to life as he were when he died before becoming undead.

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