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Bonds of Jörmungandr
Chthonic Serpent (Strike)
Level: Level::9
Prerequisite: Four Chthonic Serpent maneuvers
Initiation Action: 1 full-round action (see text)
Range: Melee attack
Target: One creature

The Midgard Serpent, the very bones of the world itself, is the source of your strength. Who can help but be crushed under the very weight of the world?

When initiating this maneuver, make a melee touch attack to initiate a Grapple. If you succeed on the Grapple check, your opponent takes 4 Strength damage and 4 Constitution damage. You then may make another Grapple check. If you succeed again, your opponent takes another 4 Strength damage and another 4 Constitution damage. You may then make a third Grapple check. If your foe fails this check, your foe is crushed to death, dropping immediately to -10 HP (or lower, if necessary for death).

If your opponent succeeds on any Grapple check, your Grapple is broken and the maneuver is over. However, if they succeed on the first check, you will have used only a Standard Action, and may take your Move Action for the round. If they succeed on the second check, you may trade a Swift Action if you have one remaining for a Move Action if you like. If they succeed on the third check, then you have used a Full-Round Action as normal.

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