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Bonded Weapon [{{#arraymap: Fighter|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You choose a weapon, eventually growing stonger and stronger in it's use. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Base Attack Bonus +1|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: This feat scales with your equivalent fighter level, levels in a class that do not provide fighter advancement instead provide 1/2 a level for full base attack bonus classes, and 1/4 of a level for 3/4 base attack bonus classes.

Bonuses by Level[edit | edit source]

Fighter Level Bonus
0 You gain a +1 to hit with the chosen weapon and you qualify as having the weapon focus feat for that weapon.
4 You gain a +2 to damage rolls using the chosen weapon, and you qualify as having weapon specialization with that weapon.
8 You gain the ability to, as a swift action, double your reach with the chosen weapon, taking a -2 penalty to the attack roll. You also gain the improved critical feat when using your weapon of choice.
12 The ability to double your reach is now a free action, or it can be used as a swift action with no penalty.
16 You gain one of the following benefits, based on the type of damage you weapon inflicts;if it is slashing, you gain the slashing flurry special ability, if it is piercing you gain the Vital Stab special ability, and if it is bludgeoning, you gain the Demoralizing Attack special ability. Lastly, you may now triple your reach as a free action, taking a -2 to attack, and you are considered prone for the rest of the round.

Slashing Flurry: When wielding a slashing weapon, you may make an extra attack at you highest base attack bonus, but that attack and all others during this turn take a -3 penalty. This would grant you 2 extra attacks for using 2 slashing weapons.

Vital Stab:As a standard action, which in addition to normal damage, deals 2d4 points of ability damage to Str, Con, or Dex.

Demoralizing Blow: For every succesful attack against an opponent, that opponent takes a -1 penalty to damage rolls, and a -1 to hit for every 2. This applies until they succesfully attack you again.

Special: This feat does not stack with weapon focus or weapon specialization.

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