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Balance: Rogue

Bond of the Vermin [Type::Symbiotic] Summary::Your connection with the bugs that even crawl underneath your skin grows ever stronger. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Aspect of the Vermin class feature]], [[Prerequisite::any two [Hivemaster] feats.]]Benefit: [Symbiotic] feats increase the effectiveness of your [Hivemaster] feats. When you take this feat, you select two [Hivemaster] feats that you possess. For these two feats, you are considered to have two more levels in hivemaster. This increase in level stacks with bonuses from other [Symbiotic] feats, but does not stack with itself.Special: A character can only have a number of [Symbiotic] feats equal to the number of times that they have gained the Aspect of the Vermin class feature. This particular feat can be taken multiple times, but it's effects do not stack with itself. Each time you take this feat, you select two more [Hivemaster] feats, and gain this benefit with them as well.

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