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Bond of the Mantis [Type::Symbiotic] Summary::You have grown akin to the silent manti that clutch to you shoulders, unsettlingly still and tense, till you yourself, are unsettlingly still and tense. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Aspect of the Vermin class feature]], [[Prerequisite::Aspect of the Mantis.]]Benefit: [Symbiotic] feats increase the effectiveness of your [Hivemaster] feats. For your aspect of the mantis feat, you are considered to have one more level in hivemaster. The individual benefits of that feat are also altered, as follows.

3: The praying mantis is famous for it's vicious, serated claws that can end an equals life in an instant. So, you have taken on this trait as well, and you grow two claws that deal damage according to the table below. These are secondary natural attacks, and are in addition to any claw attacks you might already have (you would have 4 claw attacks if you already had 2 claw attacks when you gained this benefit).

7: Manti are adept hunters, and can move in an instant, striking their prey dead and returning to their previous position, before the eye can register that they moved at all. You have immulated this key facet of the mantis, and can now 'snipe' from distances lower than 10 feet away, and even with melee attacks (see the hide skill description for more information). Also, when you 'snipe', you only take a -7 penalty on the resultant hide check, instead of the normal -20.

11: Manti are the fastest creatures in the insect kingdom, and can extend their body across impressive distances, and recoil faster than other bugs can manage. Your speed has begun to creep up towards this mark, and you can now make a single claw attack as a special immediate action.

15: The praying mantis, if quick enough, will always be the hunter, not the hunted, for they are continually tense, vigilant for any threat, ready to dodge away at any instant they are spotted, and so, you are too. You gain Tremorsense at a range of 5 feet per hivemaster level. If you already have Tremorsense for whatever reason, then the range of that Tremorsense doubles, instead.

Special: A character can only have a number of [Symbiotic] feats equal to the number of times that they have gained the Aspect of the Vermin class feature.

Table: Hivemaster Claw Attacks
Type Size
Fine Diminutive Tiny Small Medium Large Huge Gargantuan Colossal
Claw 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 3d6 4d6

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