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Bodak Eyes Curse Edit

Summary::You are cursed in your eyesight, you kill with your eyes...


  • Darkvision 120ft
  • Death Gaze (Su): Death, range 30 feet, Fortitude DC 5 + Character Level negates. A character who succeed his save is sickened for 1 round. The holder of the curse cannot choose the target of this ability, in fact everyone within the range who look at the cursed is affected by this ability. This ability can be hold-off with a mask or anything covering eyesight or a DC10 concentration check. The save DC is Charisma-based.


  • Colorblind: -5 to spot and search check. Cannot Perceive colour.
  • Extreme Light Weakness: Blinded on sunlight or other strong light (such as daylight spell), they are dazzled if in contact with smoother light. If they remain in bright light (unprotected and don't cover his eyes in any way) for 2d8 rounds + Constitution modifier, the holder risks being permanently blinded as the spell. If they succeed on their saving throw they are immune to the permanent blinding effect and may act as dazzled instead of blinded for 1d4 hours (after they must remake a saving throw vs permanent blinding and the cycle start again).

Roleplaying Ideas: You are cursed and mostly shunned, few people love you, you may even killed those that you loved with your eyes. You alway wear a mask maybe even a blind foil. You have trouble enjoying life, you can't perceive colours and you kill people with your eyes. However it would make you happy if you were an assassin.

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