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Blowhard Edit

Summary::You've been stabbed, poisoned, shot, dragged through the dirt and left in the freezing night, but you still won't shut up!

Benefit: Nothing less than death can prevent you from speaking. Effects that do not prevent you from speaking include being pinned, silenced, suffocated, or unconscious. This does permit you to cast spells with verbal components in a field of silence.

Drawback: Nothing less than death can stop you from speaking. You can never get higher than a 0 on a Move Silently check, all beings with hearing within 50' of you can automatically pinpoint your location, and you cannot gain the benefits of Silent Spell or equivalent effects. This is so annoying that you get a -5 to Diplomacy checks.

Special: You must be able to speak.

Roleplaying Ideas: The character is likely to try being the party's voice, and may even brag about things that are meant to be kept secret simply in order to have something to say.

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