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Blossom of Iron Petals
Black Rain (Strike)
Level: Level::2
Initiation Action: 1 standard action
Range: 60 ft.
Area: Line
Duration: Instantaneous

With the patience of a monk watching a lotus flower bloom, a gunslinger can watch the bullet blossom forth from the barrel of his gun, its path guided by calm mind, steady eye, and a quick finger on the trigger. The blossom of iron petals has let a lone gunman slay mobs of foes with a single shot.

When you initiate this maneuver, you make a single attack with a firearm or ray weapon as a line attack. You make a single attack roll, and use that for each foe in the area of this maneuver to determine if the attack hits them. However, starting with the third foe, you take a -5 penalty on the attack roll for every target past the first two: -5 for the roll against the third, -10 against the fourth, and so on, to a maximum of -20 against the sixth. If the attack misses a single foe, then it stops, and does not apply to any further foes behind them. You make a separate damage roll for each opponent hit by the attack.

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