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Blister Juice Edit

{{#set:Summary=A yellowish, watery fluid with thin, stringy materials floating within it, which causes unbearable suffering and pain on contact.}}

Blister Juice is a thin concoction that appears like yellow-tinted water with some thin strings of material floating within it, and that causes unbearable pain with the slightest amount of contact. When a creature comes into contact with any amount of Blister Juice more than a single does, they immediately become wracked with pain which grant anyone attempting to intimidate the creature with a +7 circumstance bonus to their intimidate check. Additionally, any creature comes into contact with Blister Juice must make a DC 18 Fortitude save or become paralyzed with pain until the suffering subsides.

The agony from a single dose or more of Blister Juice last for 1 minute, after which effects of the concoction and the pain fade away. Coming into contact with more Blister Juice while already being under it's effects has no impact, except they must make another save against paralysis if they are not already, and the amount of time they remain paralyzed extends by another minute. A vial of Blister Juice can be used as a thrown weapon.

A character with the bringer of agony feat can brew up a single dose of Blister Juice in 8 hours time with a DC 25 Craft (Alchemy) check, while using up 200 gp worth of raw material. The materials used in brewing Blister Juice are inconspicuous and can be found in any average human marketplace.

A single dose of Blister Juice costs 600 gp and contains about ⅓ of a cup of Blister Juice.

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