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Blessed Palms: These beautifully crafted mithril gauntlets are light and seem to support somatic motion rather than impede it. Blessed palms can be used as a divine focus in connotation with a good aligned deity. When worn by a divine spellcaster reverent of such a god, the blessed palms bestow one extra divine spell slot of every spell level from 1 to 9.

When an evil creature wears the gauntlets, it does not gain the extra spell slots, but incurs 5 negative levels that remain as long as they are worn. Creatures of neutral alignment (with respect to Good and Evil) receive neither benefits nor penalties from wearing the palms.

Overwhelming evocation; CL 21st;Craft Epic Woundrous Item, imbue with spell ability; Price 388,000 gp; Weight 2 lb.

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