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Blazing Speed [Type::Elemental, Type::Racial] Summary::You streak across the battlefield like a flaming meteor. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Burn]], [[Prerequisite::Firebodied]]Benefit: Your base land speed improves to 50', and your base Climb speed improves to 30'. You gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity provoked due to your movement through a threatened area. You may also take a full round action to move twice your speed in any movement mode in a straight line. When you do so, you may move through any number of enemies equal to or less than the number of attacks you would be allowed in a full attack. You may not move through enemies more than one size larger than you. When you do so, follow the following steps: 1) Opponent chooses to let you by? Yes, go to 2. No, go to 3.
2) Opponent makes Reflex save against your Burn ability. You continue moving and may pick a new target. End.
3) Opponent makes an attack of opportunity provoked by your entering their space. Go to 4.
4) You make a Trip attack. You do not need to make an initial touch attack. Your opponent is affected by your Burn ability as though by a failed save. Did you trip them? No: Go to 5. Yes: Go to 6
5) Opponent makes attack of opportunity on you unless you have the Edge. Did they hit you and either apply damage or make a successful combat maneuver (Disarm, Trip, Grapple, etc)? Yes: You fall prone in the last space you were in before entering theirs. No: You continue moving; this attack is completed. End.
6) If you have the edge, you may make an attack of opportunity against them for falling (note that they are already on fire). Regardless, you continue moving; this attack is resolved. End.

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