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Bioweapon [Type::Xenotheric] Summary::By altering your own genetic structure, you have gained a powerful special attack. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Con 13 or Int if the desired bioweapon is psionic (+4 for every subsequent instance of this feat)]]Benefit: You gain a special biological weapon. See below.Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Every time it is taken, a different bioweapon is chosen from the table.

Bioweapons can originate from any predetermined part of your body, such as the mouth, a limb or some other extremity or organ. Most bioweapons are offensive extraordinary abilities, although a certain few are psionic in nature.

Bioweapons require no attack rolls, but they are projected in either a 20-foot line or a 10-foot cone. The range of the bioweapon increases by 10 feet (line) or 5 feet (cone) for every 5 HD you have. Using a bioweapon is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If your bioweapon produces a substance like acid, gas or poison, you are immune to its effects.

Bioweapons draw upon your bio-energy. Every use of the bioweapon expends 1 charge.

Bioweapon damage is measured in damage dice (dX), starting out at 2dX at 1 HD, becoming 3dX at 2 HD, and increasing by +1dX at every odd HD after 1st. (4dX at 3rd, 5dX at 5th, to a maximum of 12dX at 19th). The particular damage die type for any such bioweapon is listed between parentheses in the 'Damage Type' column in Table: Bioweapons.

A bioweapon save DC is Constitution-based if extraordinary, or Intelligence-based if psionic. Psionic bioweapons ignore line of effect and require a Will save for half damage.

Table: Bioweapons
Bioweapon Type Area Damage Type (dX) Secondary Effects
Acid spray Ex Line Acid (d4) Lingering damage 1d3 rounds
Corrosive gas Ex Cone Acid (d8) Corrosion
Cryonic burst Ex Cone Cold (d8) Slow1 1 round
Electricity bolt Ex Line Electricity (d10) None
Flame breath Ex Cone Fire (d8) Burn 1d3 rounds
Mind tremor Ps Cone Untyped (d6) Sickened for 1 round
Shooting spines Ex Line Piercing (d6) Poison1 on injury (1d6 Dex/1d6 Dex)
Sound burst Ex Cone Sonic (d6) Deafened1 1d6 rounds
  1. Fortitude negates (DC equals bioweapon's DC).

Burn: A bioweapon with this secondary effect sets fire to combustibles and unattended objects within its area of effect.

Corrosion: A bioweapon with this secondary effect deals double damage against any objects and creatures made of corrodable metals (such as iron golems).

Lingering Damage: A bioweapon with this secondary effect deals damage to an affected creature at the start of every turn equal to half the bioweapon's base damage for a specified number of subsequent rounds. Lingering damage does not stack; any additional rounds of lingering damage incurred through a recent use of the bioweapon overlap with any previous rounds remaining. Damage inflicted by the lingering damage effect counts as non-continuous for the sake of Concentration checks, and resists mundane and magical healing, as well as fast healing. Lingering damage can be removed only upon a successful Heal check against the bioweapon's save DC + 10 followed by mundane or magical treatment, a restoration spell or more powerful restorative effect, or through natural healing no quicker than 1 hit point per HD per 8 hours.

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