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Summary::Certain lifeforms have the capacity to generate large amounts of metabolic energy that can be used for many different purposes. Such a creature's bio-energy pool can contain a maximum amount of charges equal to 3 plus the creature's Constitution modifier (minimum 1). These charges may be expended to facilitate certain special powers. Some of these powers are exclusive to specific species of creatures, whereas others can be accessed through various abilities gained from feats or class features.

Expended bio-energy charges regenerate at a rate of 1 charge per minute.

Examples of creatures capable of generating and using their own bio-energy are all creatures of the Xenotheric subtype. See also Xenotheric feats.

Bio-Energy Drain: Certain more exhaustive processes cause bio-energy drain. Charges lost through bio-energy drain do not regenerate within 1 minute and are effectively lost; your bio-energy pool is treated as having 1 charge less for every charge drained. A creature with bio-energy drain equal to the size of its bio-energy pool cannot use its bio-energy for any purpose.

Bio energy drain can be restored through one or more hours of uninterrupted rest. Creatures that do not need sleep (like creatures with the Xenotheric subtype) still need to rest, where rest is defined as a time during which no strenuous activities are performed (actions that induce fatigue or exhaustion, or otherwise elicit Fortitude saves against these effects even if the creature is not required to attempt them).

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