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Binding Growth [Type::Elemental] Summary::You grow on people. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Wood Elemental Creature (e.g., [[Prerequisite::Psuedoelemental Being (Wood) feat)]]Benefit: After pinning or lifting a creature for a round, you may attempt to grow a Binding Growth on them with another grapple check against a DC of 10 + their Grapple modifier. Once you do so, they are bound, losing their Dexterity bonus to AC and their ability to take physical actions other than try to escape, until they break the bonds. The bonds can be broken by others with a slashing melee weapon capable of doing 5+your hit dice points of damage against AC 5+your Constitution modifier, but a miss hurts the bound creature; by a Strength check (DC 15 + your Constitution modifier); or by an Escape Artist check (DC 10 + your hit dice + your Constitution modifier). Even once broken, they remain on for 1d4 rounds, entangling the bound creature.

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