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Balance: Rogue

Bind Possession [Type::Grim] Summary::You gain the ability to establish a connection to an item, allowing you to store it in a pocket dimension. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Grim Transformation]]Benefit: In an 8 hour long uninterrupted ritual, you establish a connection between you and an item. The item can weigh no more than 20 pounds and must be able to be held in one hand. You may, as a free action when held, retrieve or send the item to a hidden pocket dimension. If you and the item are on the same plane, and the item is not in the possession of another creature, you may call it to you. The item winks out and returns to your hands instantly. If your hands are full or otherwise unable to grasp the item, it falls to your feet. If the item is in the possession of another creature, you may make an opposed level check (1d20 + your HD) as a swift action to wrest the item from its possessor. If you are successful, the item winks out and returns to your hands instantly.Special: The item must be in your possession during the ritual. You may disconnect yourself from the item and reconnect with another, if you so choose, in another 8 hour ritual. For small and smaller characters, decrease the allowed item weight by half each step. For large and larger characters, increase the allowed item weight by doubling it each step.

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