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Summary::No known substance proves more lethal against undead than bergasalt. As a result, the most accomplished warriors sworn to the destruction of these abominations covet this valuable material. Because the mineral naturally appears in small quantities and must remain largely intact to retain its mystical properties, bergasalt-tipped arrows are the most common form of weaponry forged from the elusive crystal. Rumors persist that a band of seven undead hunters wields bergasalt daggers; however, no definitive proof verifies these tales.

One bergasalt arrow or bolt costs 140 gp, while a bergasalt dagger costs 6,500 gp. Bergasalt weapons ignore the natural armor bonus or corporeal undead up to a maximum of +5 and are masterwork weapons for the purposes of enchantment. One ounce of bergasalt contains enough material to craft one bergasalt arrow or bolt. Bergasalt weighs half as much as steel, but it only possesses a hardness of 5 and 15 hit points per inch of thickness.

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