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Lesser Deity
Symbol: Black Sword and Chalice
Home Plane: Realm of the Second Breath
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: evil, tyranny, underworld, war
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral
Domains: Darkness, Death, Evil, War
Favored Weapon: Bastard sword

Bane appears as a large male figure, distorted by the grime of war and battle with many scars that have somewhat deformed his face. His skin is a dark color of rust, and he is always donned in a horrible full plate armor that contains rough, blunt spikes on the outside. He carries a huge, thick bastard sword, the handle of which looks like a curling dragon. [[Summary::Bane is tasked by Sylornath to look after those dead and slain who have performed many ill deeds. Bane does this without question, out of fear and respect for the creator of the realm on which he had made his own stay.]]


Bane is a personification of war and strife, and sinking to any depth in order to snatch victory. The patron deity of conquerors, usurpers and warlords, he is at home both in the battlefield and in politics, and believes that though any victory can be taken over the back of another, faithfulness to the deservant is a highly important trait. Perhaps, however, it serves to explain his unquestioning allegiance to the master of the Realm itself.

Clergy and Temples[]

Large, powerful nations on the Realm of Second Breath to which it is common practice to take by force that which it wants or needs do most often contain a large number of independent Clergies devoted to Bane. The more manipulative branch of governments might contain advisors that devote to him also. Bane does not prefer temples, being a place of mere worship, but delegates to his subjects the building of imposing dark effigies worthy of his greatness. The 'temples' to his honor are called Cathedrals of War and Conquest and are most often large, serving as congregations for hundreds of worshippers.


Bane has access to many vassals and servants, the most powerful of which are the dragons that roam at the very fringe of the Realm and the Forge. They are called Lethus Dragons, a power that is rarely seen, except when his most important secret agendas are interrupted, or at the calling of a very powerful mortal devotee.

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