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Balance: Rogue

Balor Burst
Descriptors: Descriptors::Evil, Chaotic
Classes: Classes::Demonsouled
Chakra: Chakra::Blast, Crown, Heart
Saving Throw: None

Summary::Your skin turns darker and redder, and your muscles bulge. You get a +1 bonus to Strength. For every point of essentia you have invested in Balor Burst, your Strength increases by 1.

Chakra Bind (Blast)[]

Your eyes glow with an internal fire, and you feel like letting out a deep malicious chuckle.

As a standard action, you can make a burst attack that hits everyone and everything other than yourself within 10 feet for 1d6 points of damage per meldshaper level, with a Reflex save for half damage permitted. For every point of essentia you have invested in Balor Burst, the burst attack's radius improves by 10 feet.

Chakra Bind (Crown)[]

Your eyes light up the room.

Your eyes may light the room like a torch if you wish (it is a free action to turn them on or off). For every point of essentia invested in Balor Burst, the distance that is illuminated doubles (actually doubles, not D&D doubles).

Chakra Bind (Heart)[]

You catch on fire. It burns people.

Anyone grappling you takes 1d6 points of fire damage per round for every two meldshaper levels you possess.

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