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Greater Deity
Symbol: A pair of hands holding a large oak tree
Home Plane: The Resplendent Garden of B'Garra
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Birth, Life, Agriculture, Harvest
Clergy Alignments: Any good and Any Nuetral
Domains: Good, Healing, Plant, Sun
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Summary::B'Garra is the Mother Goddess of birth, life, and agriculture within the Altinian Pantheon. She is of ageless and timeless beauty appearing wise yet childish while radiating a soothing sense of calm and serenity.


Respect life for it is the foundation of all creation including your own. Learn the cycles of the sun for it is this heavenly body that grants all the growing things in the world life. Treat those you love as you would treat yourself and always share the rich bounty that you are blessed with. Despise evil and the undead above all else for these are a mockery of life and the value of creation.

Clergy and Temples[]

The B'Garran clergy are expected to act as shepards to their faithful. They are expected to help with the planting as well as the harvest. They are renowned as midwife's and marriage counselors. The Glergy of B'Garra are expected to exterminate any undead they discover without hesitation.

B'Garran temples are simple affairs and often only a small chapel attached to a silo where the bounty of the harvest is stored.


B'Garra is the Mother diety of the Altinian Pantheon and as such is given a great deal of respect. Even her hated enemy (and father diety of the pantheon) Yith gives her respect though he works hard to foil her plans. B'garra has a special relationship the Amberra the goddess of healing and the two often work together to improve the lives of their faithful.

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