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The Satan Pit[]

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Azel Deslin (talk)
Date Created: 11/04/09
Status: In Progress
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A Crumbling Universe[]

The Great Wheel is slowly tearing itself apart. Planer anomalies are common with the material plane seeing more and more frequent bleeds from the bordering elemental planes. Worse yet planer borders have become increasingly unstable making planar travel extremely dangerous. Anyone attempting to travel between planes with a Spell such as Plane Shift or similar effects must make a caster level check against a DC of 30 or be thrown into the space between the planes, forever lost. adara

Effects on the Prime[]

The distortions on the planes have had a vast effect on the Prime most frequently seen in the form of planer bleeds. Some areas go a step further bubbles where you can literally step into the other plane. Stepping unprepared into any of the inner planes is extremely dangerous and these bubbles are likely the cause of many who have gone missing since their appearance.

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