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Avatar Variant Rules Edit

These rules make D&D more closely representative of Avatar.

Double Health: Benders conjure great swathes of energy that can destroy gigantic rock columns, but when used on each other, they're hardly harmed.

Good Weapons: People with weapons are scary. Just because high-level characters have great quantities of health doesn't make them immune to high-level characters with swords and fists. Therefore they get a bonus to damage with melee and ranged attacks.

Table: Bonus to damage

Balance Point Monk Fighter
Good BAB +1d6 +1d4
Moderate BAB +1d4 +1
Poor BAB +1 +0

Low Gravity: The DCs for all jump checks are halved. Abilities which launch people into the air send them twice as high. Falling damage is halved.

Gestalt: Important characters seldom are only good at one thing. Therefore, PCs and dangerous NPCs with names always use the Gestalt character building rules. The Good Weapons rule takes the class with the higher balance point and the class with the worse BAB to determine bonus damage for that level.

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