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A collection of Avatars. Only one is alive.


Summary::The spirit of the earth reincarnates endlessly in the bodies of people. The person who stands before you is its current incarnation.

Creating an Avatar Edit

Avatar status is an inherited template, gained by being born when the previous Avatar died. Although there is no fundamental law preventing Avatars from being Elephants or Trees, the universe prefers to reincarnate the Avatar in the body of something intelligent and capable of communication. There can only be one Avatar at a time.


The personalities of Avatars are as varied as they come, although the ability to communicate with one's previous incarnations has a bit of an ameliorating effect. Even fewer Avatars are needlessly destructive sadists or sociopaths than one would find in normal society.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Avatars are not different in appearance from the base creature.


Avatars exist to maintain a balance in the world. Races that have plans of world domination are likely to oppose the Avatar. Other groups tend to get along more or less just fine.


Avatars are very unlikely to be Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, or Neutral Evil. All other alignments are well-represented.

Special Qualities Edit

Avatar State (Su): When reduced to half or less health or hit with a critical hit, the Avatar enters the Avatar State if able. The Avatar State lasts for 3d6 + his Wisdom modifier rounds. While in the Avatar State, the Avatar knows every Bend from the Earth, Fire, Water, and Air bending lists, and has a Bending level equal to 25 or his own, whichever is higher. The Avatar cannot choose to use nonlethal damage while in the Avatar State. If slain while in the Avatar state, the Avatar species goes extinct (no new Avatars are incarnated).

Immediate Reincarnation (Su): Since a new Avatar incarnates as soon as the old one dies, dead Avatars cannot be resurrected by any method due to logistical complications.

Skills Edit

As the bridge to the Spirit World, Avatars get a +4 bonus to Charisma-based skill checks when dealing with Outsiders, Fey, and Elementals.

Multiclassing Edit

The Avatar can multiclass between Bending classes freely even in a world where it is impossible, and treats them as favored classes.

Challenge Rating Edit

As base creature +1.

Level Adjustment Edit

+Level Adjustment::1

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