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Ultima Weapon - Celes - Final Fantasy VI Advance

The atma weapon is a living weapon, it grows stronger as its user does.

Atma Weapon Edit

It is said during a great conflict known as the War of the Magi, the greatest of spellcasters came together and forged two powerful weapons out of raw essence of magic, psionics, and life. One was a tremendous beast whose power was unmatched, and the other was a living sword which transformed strong spirits into a powerful blade. This was the latter.

{{#set:Summary=The atma weapon is a sword, or rather a sword's hilt, whose blade is made of light and whose size and shape depends on the user's current health. The healthier the user, the stronger the weapon.}}

The hilt is a complicated lattice of brass, silver, gold, and ivory, with images of unusual gears mixed with organic curves, the spaces smoothed out and filled in by a light tan organic flesh which feels warm to the touch. When grasped, the blade appears composed of solidified light, sharp as a razor. The approximate shape and size of the weapon is detailed on the chart below, but regardless the form the atma weapon is as easy to use as a short sword, being a light weapon, finessable, and having little weight. Unlike most light weapons, you may use both hands to power attack with the atma weapon. Any feats which apply to swords (such as Weapon Focus Greatsword or Improved Critical Rapier) apply to the atma weapon.

Weapon Damage
Current Hp Weapon Damage Shape
Less than 10 1d3 Scalpel
10-29 1d4 Dagger
30-59 1d6 Short Sword
60-99 1d8 Longsword
100-149 2d6 Bastard Sword
150-209 3d6 Greatsword
210-279 4d6 Fullblade
280-359 6d6 Massive Greatsword
360-449 8d6 Now you're compensating...
  • The pattern continues, adding +100, +110, +120, and so forth, as needed.

The blade is solid and thus is resolved with a normal attack roll, but the damage dealt is pure magical energy, ignoring damage reduction. The weapon has a 19-20/x2 critical, and does not increase or decrease it's damage die if its user or the sword changes size. It is considered a magic weapon for bypassing damage reduction and attacking incorporeal beings, but otherwise does not possess an enhancement bonus.

It is said that if one was to somehow unite the atma weapon sword and the beast known as Atma Weapon, a terrible disaster would fall upon the world, but fortunately none know the ritual to unite the two as one. The atma weapon sword is one of the few ways to slay the monster Atma Weapon.

Strong evocation; CL 20th.

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