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Aspect of the Honeydew Ant [Type::Hivemaster, Type::Symbiotic] Summary::The ants that roam freely across your infested body have learned to herd the aphids that accompany them, and thusly guide them to granting you even more strength. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Aspect of the Vermin class feature]], [[Prerequisite::Aspect of the Aphid]], [[Prerequisite::Aspect of the Ant]]Benefit: [Symbiotic] feats increase the effectiveness of your other [Hivemaster] feats. For your aspect of the aphid and ant feats, you are considered to have one more level in hivemaster. You also gain additional benefits based on your hivemaster level.

4: The thousands of ants that roam across your body have started collecting the millions of aphids. Herding them into different areas, where they are brought plants by the ants, and fed endlessly. In turn, the aphids produce large ammounts of honeydew, which the ants take, strain into a particular mixture, and collect for you, their lord and master, to use as you see fit. There isn't enough to live off of, but this strain of the honeydew is a powerful catalyst for physical development, and makes you grow tough, very quickly, granting you an untyped +2 constitution bonus.

9: The ants that feed the aphids that are herded across your body grow adept at acquiring food for them via creative means, and learn to coax the aphids into creating honeydew that actually has healing properties. The aphids on your body are considered always having access to plantlife, even if you have spent 16 months on the moon, removing any need for you to ever eat again. Also, you gain fast healing 5. This fast healing stacks with any other fast healing that you have gained from [Hivemaster] feats.

14: As the ants and aphids that crawl across your body in such dense numbers grow more and more efficient, they eventually begin producing so much honeydew, that even they grow robust, strong, and numerous, until their sheer presence actually slows any blow against you. Your Swarm Armor class feature (and, later, your Swarming Shield class feature) is able to block 10 extra points of damage per attack. The total maximum before the insects disperse does not change, however.

19: Both the ant and the aphid can do things that should be beyond them, from the ant driving off beasts that should destroy them entirely, to the aphid killing an entire garden, they both can do things that only much larger creatures should be able to do. You are considered to be a single size larger than you actually are, whenever it might be advantageous to you. This includes bonuses on grapple checks, bull rush attempts, trip attempts, your carrying capacity, and the size of the weapon you weild, among other things. This stacks with the similar benefits of the aspect of the aphid and ant feats. So, a medium sized hivemaster would be considered as either small or large in any given situation, depending on what would be most advantageous to him. That same hivemaster would also be considered huge sized for the purpose of carrying capacity.

Special: A character can only have a number of [Symbiotic] feats equal to the number of times that they have gained the Aspect of the Vermin class feature.

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