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Aspect of the Aphid [Type::Hivemaster] Summary::You have bonded with the hordes of tiny pests that coat every inch of your body, and learned to use them to your advantage. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Aspect of the Vermin class feature]]Benefit: You gain benefits based on your hivemaster level.

3: Your skin is covered with millions of miniscule aphids that crawl everywhere across your skin, making you appear rather unsightly, and providing you a potent weapon against organic creatures. Whenever a plant creature is damaged by your Swarm attack, it takes an additional 1d8 damage per two hivemaster levels (A level 16 hivemaster's swarm would deal 16d6+8d8 damage against plant creatures). Additionally, any round which you are grappled or touching a plant creature, you deal them 1d6 damage per two hivemaster levels, just from contact with them.

7: You have grown to be more and more similar to the aphid, and how can be satisfied by the carbohydrate rich byproduct that your numerous friends release, in such large ammounts. You no longer need to eat, as long as the aphids that encase your entire body remain alive, and have access to some form of plantlife once a week. If the aphids go for a week without such access, then you lose this benefit.

11: The aphids that have grown comfortable all over your body, have now become everything that earns them the name of 'pest'. Your Swarm attack now carries a particularly strong strain of filth fever, that only has a 1 day incubation period, and that has a save DC of (10 + ½ your HD + your con modifier).

15: You have grown warped, grotesquely similar in your bodily structure, to an aphid. Your limbs grow very thin, and you generally appear smaller. You are considered to be a single size smaller than you actually are, whenever it might be advantageous to you. This includes bonuses on attack rolls and AC, bonuses on the hide skill, and your ability to "squeeze" through a restrictive space, amongst other things.

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