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Another underpaid day at the factory...
—Factory Worker in the region of Werkslund
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Arms & Armors of Grey Sky[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Even with the crushing domination of firearms over other weapons, some still use "archaic" weaponry. Swords, axes, spear and bows are cheap compared to the costly firearms. Other prefer simplicity, or simply keep melee weapons as a backup in case their good old pistol jams.

Gun vs. Sword[edit | edit source]

In the real world, a melee weapon like a sword is not equal to even the most basic of firearms. However, melee weapons are a big part of D&D world, thus balancing both is important. A player should be able to still be strong even if fighting with a mace. Firearms require maintenance, need to be reloaded and are costly, thus it natural to make a gun stronger than a sword. Superior firepower does not help when your gun jams.

Flavour[edit | edit source]

Since no Asian-based culture exist in the world of Grey Sky (instead some of it is spread across many nations) it is customary to ban weapons such as the katana or other asian weapons. The Same goes for Arabic cultures, since Grey Sky is American-European oriented. This is why the list of weapons in Grey Sky is mostly limited to European weapons.

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