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Armor of the Undead

Summary::Created by evil wizards and clerics as protection for their undead servants, this enchanted suit of chainmail armor is specially crafted to offer superior protection to creatures that draw their strength from the Negative Energy Plane. As reward for loyal service, this armor is often given to such free-willed undead by malicious deities and their powerful followers.

Hit Die Profane Bonus
1-4 +1
5-7 +2
8-10 +3
11-13 +4
14+ +5

The protection afforded the wearer is dependent on the Hit Dice of the sacrifice—the stronger the creature, the more protection granted by the armor (see the table on the right). As a result this armor is highly coveted by powerful undead such as vampires, skeletal warriors, bodak, and liches. This enchantment grants a profane bonus to both armor class and saving throws, plus grants an SR equal to the 5 times the enchantment against Good spells. If a creature already has SR better than this, it gets a bonus to its SR of the base enchantment.

This armor can only be worn by undead creatures. Living creatures that wear the armor suffer two negative levels and these cannot be restored by any means, though they return once the armor is removed.

Sacrifice: In addition to the monetary requirements, undead creatures must sacrifice the living to their dark gods. The level of the creature serves as the baseline profane bonus granted to the armor. The levels of the sacrifice do not stack; each must be directed toward a different set of armor. Liches and other powerful undead have sometimes tried to lure powerful adventurers to their lairs for just such a purpose.

Strong transmutation; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, unholy aura; Price: Cost::20,000 gp.

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