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Arcane Bag of Conjuration
Price: 36,000gp
Body Slot: —(held)
Caster Level: 9th
Aura: moderate transmutation; (DC 20)
Activation: Use activated (see text)
Weight: 10 lb.;

This bag appears to be an ordinary mundane bag, however within it are eldritch runes stiched on the hem. The runes, when read via read magic, instruct the reader to place any amount of gp into the bag. Once per day per person the amount placed in the bag will vanish; after which a randomly generated magic item of value roughly equal to the gp amount placed in the bag will appear, enlarging the bag to fit any items that would not normally fit inside the bag. Because the items generated rely on gp costs, the bag cannot create artifacts or unique magic items.

Prerequisites: CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item; major creation, fabricate; Market Price 36,000gp; 18,000gp + 720XP.

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