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There are many varieties of spiderkind; from monstrous spiders to drow. This chapter presents many of these creatures along with statistics for these creatures. All of the creatures in this book are spiderkind or related to spiderkind in some way.

Monsters A-Z[]

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Monsters by Level and Role[]

Creature Level and Role
Spider 1 Minion
Hatchling 1 Minion
Drow Adventurer 1 Skirmisher
Drow Spider Bound Warrior 1 Soldier
Weaver Youngling 2 Lurker
Lycosid Spiderling 2 Soldier
Drider Fanglord 3 Brute
Drow Arachnomancer of the Lesser Spider 3 Controller (Leader)
Ctenizid Youngling 3 Minion
Salticid Youngling 3 Skirmisher
Drow Blademaster 4 Controller
Lesser Chwidencha 4 Lurker
Ettercap Priestess 5 Controller
Drow Lesser Priestess 5 Controller (Leader)
Draegloth 5 Brute
Theraphosa Youngling 5 Brute
Lesser Demonspider Minion 5 Minion
Adamantine Spider 5 Skirmisher
Scytodid Youngling 6 Artillery
Lesser Spider Swarm 6 Brute
Spydric-One Lurking Terror 6 Lurker
Shunned 6 Skirmisher
Ettercap Sneak 6 Skirmisher
Lycosid Adult 6 Soldier
Chitine Sneak 7 Skirmisher
Salticid Adult 7 Skirmisher
Spydric-One Hunter 7 Skirmiser
Bebilith 8 Brute
Chitine Archer 8 Skirmisher
Draegloth Brute 9 Brute
Progenitor Spider Swarm 10 Brute
Theraphosa Brute 10 Brute
Weaver Adult 10 Lurker
Progenitor Spider 10 Elite Skirmisher
Spiderling 11 Minion
Retriever 12 Lurker
Drider Arachnomancer 13 Controller
Ctenizid Adult 14 Minion
Scytodid Adult 14 Artillery
Shunned Outcast 14 Skirmisher
Yochlol 15 Elite Controller
Chwidencha 15 Lurker
Lesser Demonspider 15 Minion
Lycosid Hunter 15 Soldier
Spider Swarm 16 Brute
Deathjump Spider 16 Skirmisher
Lesser Widowmaker Spider 17 Lurker
Spydric-One Webrider 17 Skirmisher
Draegloth Favored One 18 Controller
Turmoil Spider 18 Lurker
Drider Widowmaker 19 Lurker
Greater Progenitor Spider Swarm 20 Brute
Theraphosa Beastling 20 Brute
Greater Progenitor Spider 20 Elite Skirmisher
Greater Spiderling 21 Minion
Drow House Soldier 21 Soldier
Brain Spider 23 Skirmisher
Drow Arachnomancer of the Greater Spider 24 Controller
Drow High Priestess 24 Controller (Leader)
Scytodid Deathspitter 25 Artillery
Greater Yochlol 25 Elite Contoller
Greater Chwidencha 25 Lurker
Drow House Blademaster 25 Skirmisher
Lycosid Stalker 25 Soldier
Ctenizid Ambusher 25 Minion
Lesser Demonspider Kel'ikor 25 Minion
Death Leaper 25 Skirmisher
Greater Spider Swarm 26 Brute
Spydric-One Vampyre 26 Lurker
Widowmaker Spider 26 Lurker
Shunned Horror 26 Skirmisher
Draegloth High Priestess 27 Controller
Drider Shadoweaver 28 Lurker
Roc-Eating Spider 30 Brute
Drow Matriarch 30 Elite Controller (Leader)

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