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This chapter presents full descriptions for the following classes:

Arachnomancer: A channeller of the arachania, wielding the innate power of spiderkind.
Spider Rider: A chosen knight of the spider queen.

These classes are not intended to be treated in the same way as a normal base class (such as those in the Player’s Handbook); rather than being a class that can fill a number of different background roles based on power selection, these classes have a more distinct role within the world. The arachnomancer is, essentially, an alternative to the wizard; it performs similarly to the wizard, but with some different class features, powers, and a drastically different flavor.

Arachana Skill (Charisma)[]

You have picked up the secret knowledge of spiders and the arachania. This information extends to the great web (including the demonweb and the twilight web).

If you are trained in the arachana skill, your knowledge represents extensive study in ancient tomes or the secrets of the great web being revealed to you by ancient beings in spider form.

Arachana Knowledge[]

Make an Arachana check to recall a useful bit of spider related knowledge or to recognize a spider-related clue. See "Knowledge Checks," page 180 of the Player's Handbook.

Monster Knowledge[]


Make an Arcana check to identify a creature that has the arachana origin (a creature of the Arachana- the great web). See "Monster Knowledge Checks," page 180 of the Player's Handbook.

Detect Arachana/Magic (Trained Only)[]

Your knowlege of the great web and of spider magic enables you to detect magic and spiders.

Detect Magic: As the arcana skill.
Sense Spiderkind: 1 minute.

  • DC: DC 20 + one-half the level of a spiderkind creature within range.
  • Area of Detection: You can detect spiderkind within a number of squares equal to 5 + your level in every direction, and you can ignore any spiderkind you’re already aware of. Ignore all barriers; you can detect spiderkind through walls, doors, and such.

Commune With Spiders[]

Make an arachana check to talk with any spider. This functions as the diplomacy skill, except that it can only be used to communicate with spiderkind beasts, magical beasts and with any demonspider (a spiderkind creature with the demon keyword). You must be able to speak spydric to use the arachana skill in this way, and you must communicate with the spiderkind in spydric.

Paragon Paths[]

This chapter also contains several paragon paths; both for the classes presented in this book and the classes presented in the Player's Handbook. The following paragon paths are presented in this book;

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Epic Destinies[]

Epic destinies are the stuff of legends, for it is from these adventuring paths that tools of extraordinary power are attained. Epic destinies represent the pinnacle of accomplishment.

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