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Arachonomicon; the Book of Spiderkind[edit | edit source]

Lurkers of the Great Web[edit | edit source]

[[Summary::From the chaos of the great web they are coming—the lurkers and the hunters that are known as spiderkind. But, unknown to those that live on the surface, the spiderkind are cursed with eternal civil war, a war which will never end until either Lolth, or her sister Arachne is slain. This is the war of the spiderkind.]]

This supplement for the D&D game presents the definitive treatise on spiderkind and the warring queens who claim rulership over them. Along with details of spiderkind physiology, psychology, society and religion. This book also has races, classes, feats, powers and equipment for players whishing to play spydric characters, as well as spydric monsters and campaign information for DMs.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Using This Book
For DMs
For Players
What You Need to Play
Chapter 1: All About Spiderkind
What are the Spiderkind?
Spiderkind Physiology
Spiderkind Outlook and Psychology
Spiderkind Society
Spiderkind Religion
Chapter 2: Races
Chapter 3: Classes
Spider Rider
Paragon Paths
Epic Destinies
Chapter 4: Powers
Arachnomancer Weaves
Spider Rider Weaves
Chapter 5: Feats
Heroic Tier Feats
Paragon Tier Feats
Epic Tier Feats
Multiclass Feats
Chapter 6: Equipment
Mundane Equipment
Magic Items
Chapter 7: Monsters
Monsters A-Z
Monsters by Level and Role
Chapter 8: Campaigns
Spiderkind Campaigns
Underdark Exploration
Spiderkind NPCs

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