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Anti-Magic Orb

An Anti-Magic Orb.

An Anti-Magic Orb is a rare and sophisticated item in the shape of a black, mostly opaque orb roughly six inches in diameter. Swirling currents of patterned texture shift and occasionally become visible underneath the dark surface of the orb, making it clear that the object is saturated with a strange, disruptive energy. The orb is created from a solid application of crystalline obsidian polished into the shape of a perfect sphere, the core of which contains a three pound proteum crystal drawing in the energy for the orb's effect. The orb may be activated and deactivated at will as a swift action via command word.

When the orb is activated, in projects a spherical antimagic field with a diameter of 30 feet emanating from it. Any magical effect that enters the orb's field is suppressed, including raw arcane energy. Summoned creatures and any type of extraplanar entities immediately wink out if they enter the orb's field. If activated when such creatures are in the orb's area of effect, it rolls a caster level check of 1d20+21 against each of those creatures' spell resistance to attempt and make them wink out. The orb's antimagic field also protects those within it against the effects of a mage's disjunction spell. If as a result the orb's field is destroyed, the orb cannot be activated again for 2d12 hours.

The orb has hardness 30, 200 hit points and AC 44 (10 + 4 size + 30 deflection). It may be touched without consequence, but possesses a very potent reactive shield against attacks that would damage it.

Prerequisite: Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Widen Spell, CL 21st, antimagic field, shield.
Cost to Create: 532,500 gp + 42,600 XP
Market Price: 1,065,000 gp
Weight: 20 lb.

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