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Date Created: 3-2-10
Status: Complete
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The school of the Anima River originated from monks and incarnates who sought personal enlightment through meditating on the spiritual aspects which empowered them. Fine control of the body was only half the puzzle, the soul was every much a living, breathing thing of its own and worked in tandem with biological functions. To understand the soul would allow them to train it as one would train your muscles. In times of battle, their enlightenment allowed them to strike at the invisible ever-present flow of life and wound their opponents most grievously.

Nei Jing was the creator of the school, a monk, and student of Desert Wind and Shadow Hand styles. He found neither school worked best for him, but was fascinated by their many supernatural abilities, and pondered deeper upon the source of this phenomena, drawing himself into isolation to meditate. After 11 years of hidden life in the world, Nei Jing returned a changed man, whose fighting style employed neither shadow nor flame, and whose mere presence had an suffocating aura of power.

The ways of the Anima River rely on empowering oneself to greater, even supernatural, action and striking at the enemy spiritually, rendering their bodies useless as they fall out of spiritual balance. The weapons associated with the Anima River are the Gauntlets (normal and spiked), Jian, Kama, Nunchaku, Quarterstaff, Sai, Siangham, and Unarmed Strike. The skill associated with Anima River is Concentration (Con).

A swordsageToB may replace one of his disciplines known with the Anima River discipline.

Maneuvers of the Anima River[edit | edit source]

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1st-Level Maneuvers

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2nd-Level Maneuvers

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3rd-Level Maneuvers

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4th-Level Maneuvers

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5th-Level Maneuvers

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6th-Level Maneuvers

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7th-Level Maneuvers

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8th-Level Maneuvers

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9th-Level Maneuvers

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