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Amulet of Tarneus

{{#set:Summary=Conjures skeletal wings that allow the wearer to fly.}} This is a heavy amulet, made from black iron. An engraved skeleton warrior, with great skeletal wings spread out, sits in a black iron circle. The Amulet of Tarneus is heavier than it looks, and its weight will surprise most people. There can be no doubt that this is a magical amulet. Looking at the details of the engraving, it becomes clear that the skeleton has tiny ruby eyes and carries an intricate helmet with demonic horns.

Only one with a Strength score of 18 or higher can use this amulet, and those who carry it around their neck and do not fulfill this requirement will lose 1 point of strength every hour until it is removed (when they reach strength 0, they die). Anyone who meets the Strength requirement will be able to activate this amulet and call forth huge skeletal wings which protrude from their spine, breaking through any clothing and armor worn. These wings bestow the ability to fly at the base speed of 60 feet (average maneuverability). The duration of this effect is based on the wearer's constitution: 1 hour per 2 points of constitution. When the duration ends, the wearer has no more strength to keep flying and plunges to the ground.

Caster Level: 12th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, ruul’s skeletal wings, bull’s strength, bear’s endurance; Price Cost::45,000 gp; Weight: 15 lb.


When this amulet is activated, the eyes of the skeleton warrior will glow brightly. A successful attack with a penalty of -8 (due to the diminutive size of the eyes), with a +3 weapon or greater, will shatter the ruby eyes and destroy the magic.

Adventure Hook[]

As the party travels the roads of the realms, they meet a lonesome peddler who has a few wares that he would like to sell. Among these are the Amulet of Tarneus, looking much like a simple amulet of the Traveller. This is a disguise, and the peddler is not really a peddler, but one of the Traveller’s clerics. The amulet has been stolen from an undead commander, and while the party may think they have bought just another amulet, they actually carry a strong magical item.

Tarneus has become aware of the theft, and with the help of his master, the necromancer Ruul Tharox, he knows exactly where to look for it. This becomes a true and legendary chase, and the party may not know who is after them, or they may already have found out of the peddler’s betrayal.

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