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Amulet of Alternate Form

{{#set:Summary=Transforms you into a different creature...possibly with a different mind.}}

This amulet has two different shapes. When it isn’t activated, or when worn by an unintelligent creature, this amulet looks much like a holy symbol to the God of the Sun, but will detect as being magic. When donned the amulet turns from silver into cold iron, from day into night. The wearer instantly changes form into another living creature, a creature known to the wearer. If the wearer knows the magic in the amulet, he can control the form he takes, but if not, that form is random and unpredictable. When a form is chosen this can only be changed by taking off the amulet and donning it anew.

The curse of this amulet is activated after only 10 minutes. At that time the wearer makes his first Will save (DC 20); if unsuccessful, the wearer begins to believe that he or she is that creature which he now looks like. Every hour the wearer must make a new Will save as the two wills battle. If the wearer wins, he retains his own personality and mind, yet keeps the new body. If worn for three days, no matter the outcome of the saving throws, the wearer becomes the other person and this curse can only be broken with a limited wish, wish or miracle spell. The amulet is now very difficult to remove, and requires a successful Strength check of DC 25.

Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, alter self, bull’s strength; Price Cost::22,000 gp

Weaknesses Edit

The curse can be removed with the remove curse spell, or the amulet can be destroyed by a successful bludgeoning attack that deals 5 or more damage.

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