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Greater Deity
Symbol: A battle Axe thrust through a skull
Home Plane: The Plains of Endless Strife
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: War, Tyranny, The rule of the strong over the weak
Clergy Alignments: Any Evil, Lawful Neutral
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, War
Favored Weapon: Battle Axe

Summary::Alafax is the god of war and tyranny, he seeks only to conquer and rule.

Alafax is an immense hobgoblin standing well over seven feet tall and bulging with rippling muscles. His face is set in an eternal snarl challenging all who meet his gaze. He wears a battered suit of plate mail covered with the blood of fallen enemies. Standing in his presence one feels an immense and terrible majesty emanating from the lord of tyranny.


Seek only to conquer all others. Conquer individuals, cities, nations and the world for it is the right of the strong to rule over the putrid masses of the weak. Abide no weakness within yourself or those whom you call companion. If ever you find weakness you must crush it without mercy or thought. Never accept terms of peace or surrender as these are the tools of those too weak to defend themselves. If ever someone ranks above you grows weak, throw them down and assume their position for there is no room for the weak in the army of tyranny.

Clergy and Temples[]

The clergy of Alafax are consummate warriors always ready to engage in hostilities with other people. While they hold sway over the hobgoblin nation of Alafax they do not attempt to hide their alliance from anyone. The clergy of Alafax follows a very strict heiarchy, however this system is fluid as all followers of Alafax know that the only way to advance within the church is through violence and conflict.

The temples of Alafax are mighty fortresses that attest to the strength of the lord of Tyranny.


Among the Altninian Pantheon Alafax is not well liked except by Yith (whom often works with the lord of tryanny to create more death)However his is a powerful god and is seldom challenged by the others. He and Firsh have a long standing hatred for each other and clerics of these two gods will seek to kill one another on sight regardless of the circumstances.

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