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Agaric Spores[]

{{#set:Summary= Inhaled spores that cause Dexterity damage and possibly transformation into an Agarican creature.}} Agaric Spores is the dust produced by Agaric Dustcap Mushrooms, or the resulting Agarican creatures which may rise from them. Normally they are merely used for reproduction as normal mushrooms, but in the bodies of most living creatures, they settle in the lungs and enter the bloodstream, eventually collecting around the nerves and the brain. The end result is either eventual and permanent paralysis and coma, or a transformation into an Agarican creature.

After the disease manifests, 3 days later the subject must make a Will save (DC 10 + Dex damage taken so far), or be possessed by the fungus inside of them. They will immediately 'recover' from the sickness and all the damage taken, though they seem pale faced and constantly be spacing out or speaking strangely. Patches of fungus appear in places on their body. After 7 days, their original personality is gone and a mushroom cap forms on their head, turning them into an Agarican creature. If they make the Will save, they do not have to make another, but must cure themselves of the disease as usual.

Type: Inhaled DC 14
Incubation Time: 1d3 days
Ability Damage: 1d6 Dex damage per day.

Effect: Your nerves are taken over by the fungus, including your brain. As such your dexterity drops until you are paralyzed and helpless.
Curing: Without magic, a successful save stops the damage for the day but does not cure it. 2 successful saves in a row purges you of the damage done.

Price: Cost::180 gp

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