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Lineage Feats:

Lineage Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Azer Lineage (4e Feat) 1st level, non-azer +1 to Endurance, use warding flame as a daily power
Derro Lineage (4e Feat) 1st level, non-derro +1 to Intimidate, use scream of madness as a daily power
Andugr Lineage (4e Feat) 1st level, non-andugr Gain low-light vision, use expansion as a daily power
Sun Elf Lineage (4e Feat) 1st level, non-sun elf +1 to Insight, use erudite student as a daily power
Demonic Heritage (4e Feat) Living humanoid race +2 Endurance, Abyssal language, resist fire, ice, or lightning 5 + one-half your level.

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