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Lineage Feats: These feats represent an unusual bloodline in your character's family tree, such as an elf with a distant dwarven ancestor. Lineage feats can only be taken during character creation (in other words, at 1st level). Because of this, most characters can only have one lineage feat, although there is no restriction on taking multiple lineage feats if you somehow have more than one feat available to you at 1st level (if you're playing a human, for example). Unlike normal feats, lineage feats cannot be retrained — once selected, they are a permanent part of your character.

Lineage Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Azer Lineage (4e Feat) 1st level, non-azer +1 to Endurance, use warding flame as a daily power
Derro Lineage (4e Feat) 1st level, non-derro +1 to Intimidate, use scream of madness as a daily power
Andugr Lineage (4e Feat) 1st level, non-andugr Gain low-light vision, use expansion as a daily power
Sun Elf Lineage (4e Feat) 1st level, non-sun elf +1 to Insight, use erudite student as a daily power
Demonic Heritage (4e Feat) Living humanoid race +2 Endurance, Abyssal language, resist fire, ice, or lightning 5 + one-half your level.

Top-level feats in this list are organized alphabetically