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Epic Feats: Epic feats are avalable to characters of Epic tier only, and represent feats of superhuman standard.

Epic Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Chaotic Spell Recall (4e Feat) Any one abyssal heritor feat, Demonic ancestry. 1/Day, spend an action point to regain a daily spell.
Demonic Skin (4e Feat) Cha 18, Demonic Ancestry. Gain a +1 racial bonus to your AC.
Eyes of the Abyss (4e Feat) Demonic Ancestry. Gain darkvision, and a bonus to perception skill checks equal to the number of abyssal heritor feats that you posess.
Highborn Drow (4e Feat) Drow Gain Levitate as a Lolthtouched racial power.
Improved Levitation (4e Feat) Drow, Highborn Drow Levitate 6 squares instead of 4.
Master Weaver (4e Feat) Arachnomancer Omit squares from your area or close arachnomancer powers.
Precognitive Visions (4e Feat) Demonic Ancestry. Gain a number of bonuses equal to 1 + 1 per 2 abyssal heritor feats that you posess.
Staggering Critical (4e Feat) Ability to make a critical hit with a weapon group on the roll of 19-20. When you make a critical hit, the target of the attack is slowed.
Quicken Spell (4e Feat) Ability to use one or more Arcane powers. Cast spell as a Free or Minor Action
Maximize Spell (4e Feat) Ability to use one or more Arcane powers. Maximized damage to one target, as if a Critical Hit
Titan Form (4e Feat) Str 19, andugr, expansion racial power Use titan form as an encounter power
Conflagration (4e Feat) Azer, warding flame racial power Warding flame causes ongoing 5 fire damage
Kibeth's Defense (4e Feat) Songweaver, Wis 17 Grant a +1 bonus to AC and reflex when you slide an ally.
Song of Revival (4e Feat) Songweaver, Wis 19 Adjanent allies gain a +5 bonus to death saving throws.
Harmonious Action (4e Feat) Songweaver Regain the use of a songweaver encounter power when you use an action point.
Song of Swift Healing (4e Feat) Songweaver, Wis 17 Adjacent allies use second wind as a minor action.
Empowered Healing Melody (4e Feat) Songweaver, Healing Melody power, Wis 19 Roll d8's rather than d6's for your Healing Melody power.
Song of Recovery (4e Feat) Songweaver, Cha 19 Once per encounter, you can grant an ally the use of their second wind.
Reliable Healing Melody (4e Feat) Songweaver, Healing Melody power, Wis 19 When you use your Healing Melody power, you can roll the dice roll the extra hit points granted twice and use the highest total.
Inspiriting Healing Melody (4e Feat) Songweaver, Healing Melody power, Wis 19 you can heal two targets with your Healing Melody power.
Deadly Scourge (4e Feat) Str 19, Gnoll Critical hit with flail dazes target and deals ongoing damage, hits adjacent targets
Chain Power (4e Feat) Psionic Augmentation class feature Augment power to affect secondary target within range
Protractile Claw Mastery (4e Feat) Hito-Neko Greatly improve the threat of your claws.

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