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This page contains the homebrew class power list for the World Dominator.

World Dominator Powers

0th-Level World Dominator Powers

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1st-Level World Dominator Powers

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2nd-Level World Dominator Powers

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3rd-Level World Dominator Powers

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4th-Level World Dominator Powers

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5th-Level World Dominator Powers

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6th-Level World Dominator Powers

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7th-Level World Dominator Powers

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8th-Level World Dominator Spells

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9th-Level World Dominator Powers

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Least World Dominator Powers

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Lesser World Dominator Powers

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Greater World Dominator Powers

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Dark World Dominator Powers

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Holy World Dominator Powers

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Adding New Powers[edit | edit source]

To add a power to this list, make certain that the article belongs to Category:3.5e, Category:User, and Category:Power. The power must also have "World Dominator #" in it's level entry. It may take up to 24 hours after these steps are completed for your spell to be listed on this page. If you have any issues, please contact an admin.

Design Philosophy[edit | edit source]

Each World Dominator power should capture a small genre of effects with its augments. To maintain its unquestionable Wizard-level status, points spent to augment a power should have a more than linear effect; simple things like damage should scale naturally with manifester level, not requiring that you expend extra power points to get it up to the level other powerful casters are already at.

If it's a targeted power, it probably shouldn't be on this list. The World Dominator tries to avoid infringing on the Wizard, Cleric, and Druid territory by only doing things that are too massive for WotC to have been tricked into thinking were balanced.

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