Sourcebook Editing Instructions Edit

Replace the placeholders (the text starting with <!-- and ending with -->) with your own descriptive text.

Lastly, be sure to fill out the categories ([[Category:]]) at the bottom where applicable. The categories allow readers to navigate to your page.

Be sure to use the Preview button at the bottom to view your page before saving to check for errors and mistakes.

For the internal chapters of your sourcebook, type "/<!-- Chapter Title Here -->" without the quotes on the end of your URL bar, and edit the page from there. Mechanics text for your sourcebook has its own preloads, and is best added separately and linked to or referenced inline by your sourcebook, so that it can be found when needed. To do these inline references, type Wiki Article Title). Remember to include the (3.5e *) part of your title.

Note: Text within <!-- --> comments will be hidden from view.

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