<!--Delete 'nowiki' tags--> {{Stat Block 2 |summary=<!-- brief summary of who the NPC is --> |name= |al= |size= |type= |init= |listen= |spot= |ac= |touch= |flat= |hp= |hd= |fort= |ref= |will= |spd= |bab= |grp= }} <!--For reference purposes, you may include a level-by-level breakdown within "comment tags" of how the NPC was built, such as how ability scores were calculated, skill points, skill ranks, and net skill modifiers. With the comment tags in place it'll stay hidden unless you go back to the "edit" view.--> {{Author |author_name= <!-- User name --> |date_created= <!-- Day Month Year --> |status= <!-- Work in Progress, Complete --> |isnotuser= True<!-- if you have a username for this wiki delete this parameter--> }} <!-- Other NPC Information This is pretty much free form information. It can contain motivations for this character, encounter scenarios, aim and goals, personality traits and quirks, animal companions, familiars, special mounts, fiendish companions, combat tactics, tactics for avoiding conflict, background information, relationships with PCs or other NPCs; anything you feel like providing really. If this article is to be embedded within another article, such as a class, be sure to use <noinclude> tags around any information, such as categories and the author box, to not be included. To embed an article, type the name of the article between two pairs of brackets, preceded by a colon, like {{:Article Name (3.5e NPC)}} that. --> ---- {{3.5e NPCs Breadcrumb}} → [[3.5e CR <!--insert CR here. If it's 1 or less, put "1 or less"--> NPCs|CR <!--insert CR here. If it's 1 or less, put "1 or less"-->]]<br/> {{3.5e NPCs Breadcrumb}} → [[3.5e ECL <!--insert ECL here.--> NPCs|ECL <!--insert ECL here.-->]] [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:NPC]] [[Category:CR<!-- insert CR here -->]] [[Category:ECL<!-- insert ECL here if it can be calculated. Otherwise delete. -->]] [[Category:<!-- Type --> Type]] [[Category:<!-- Subtype --> Subtype]] <!-- pick a law-chaos axis alignment (delete the other two) --> [[Category:Lawful Alignment]] [[Category:Neutral (Law-Chaos) Alignment]] [[Category:Chaotic Alignment]] <!-- pick a good-evil axis alignment (delete the other two) --> [[Category:Good Alignment]] [[Category:Neutral (Good-Evil) Alignment]] [[Category:Evil Alignment]]

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