{{author |author_name=<!-- Insert your name here --> |date_created=<!-- Insert date here --> |status=<!-- Insert idea's status here --> |isnotuser=I'm not a user<!-- if you have a username for this wiki delete this parameter--> }} == <!-- Template Name --> == [[Summary::<!--Short (25 words or less) description. This will show up on search pages as well as on this page-->]] <!-- Description of creatures with this template. Feel free to include a sample creature --> === Creating a <!-- Template Name --> === <!-- Is this template an aquired template or an inherited template? To what creatures (referred to hereafter as the base creature) can this template be applied? --> ==== Size and Type ==== <!-- Any size or type changes? If creature gains or changes size, types or subtypes, add [[Size::"New Size"]], [[Type::"Whatever"]], and [[Subtype::"Whatever"]] for each change, with "Whatever" changed to the actual type or subtype name. If type changes, do BAB, Saves, or skill points have to be recalculated? --> ==== Hit Dice ==== <!-- Do the base creature's HD change? Do HD from class levels change? Do racial HD change? --> ==== Speed ==== <!-- Does the base creature's speed change? Does it gain or lose any movement modes? --> ==== Armor Class ==== <!-- Changes to AC (not including ones due to size change and/or Dexterity change) --> ==== Attack ==== <!-- Does the base creature retain the ability to use manufactured weapons? Does it gain or lose any natural weapons? --> ==== Full Attack ==== <!-- How the base creature's multiple weaponry work in a full attack routine. --> ==== Special Attacks ==== <!-- Does the base creature gain or lose any Ex or Su attacks? Does it gain or lose any Sp abilities? --> ==== Special Qualities ==== <!-- Does the base creature gain or lose any Ex or Su qualities? --> ==== Abilities ==== <!-- Any changes to ability score are noted here, including the removal of a score. --> ==== Skills ==== <!-- Any racial skill modifiers. --> ==== Feats ==== <!-- Any feats this template grants or removes. --> ==== Environment ==== <!-- Where do these templated creatures typically dwell? --> ==== Organization ==== <!-- What kind of society do these templated creatures form? --> ==== Challenge Rating ==== <!-- changes to the base creature's challenge rating. --> ==== Treasure ==== <!-- Amount and kind of treasure typically found. --> ==== Alignment ==== <!-- Alignment of these templated creatures. --> ==== Advancement ==== <!-- By HD, character class, either, or neither? --> ==== Level Adjustment ==== +[[Level Adjustment::<!-- Template's level adjustment. -->]] ---- {{3.5e Templates Breadcrumb}} [[Category:User]] [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:Template]]

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