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Material Editing Instructions

Just replace the comments (the text starting with <!-- and ending with -->) with your own descriptive text. Take special care not to remove the category tags at the bottom, as they will allow readers to navigate to your page. If you would like to show the effects of making SRD weapons with your material, just fill in the Material Weapons Table template values. The following is a list of abbreviations and what weapons they represent.

Definition of Parameters

SRD Weapon Abbreviations
Abbv Weapon
arr Arrows (20)
axed Axe, orc double
axet Axe, throwing
axeb Battleaxe
bol Bolas
bolt Bolts, crossbow (10)
bolr Bolts, repeating crossbow (5)
bul Bullets, sling (10)
cha Chain, spiked
clu Club
croha Crossbow, hand
croh Crossbow, heavy
crol Crossbow, light
crorh Crossbow, repeating heavy
crorl Crossbow, repeating light
dag Dagger
dagp Dagger, punching
dar Dart
fal Falchion
fla Flail
flad Flail, dire
flah Flail, heavy
gau Gauntlet
gaus Gauntlet, spiked
Abbv Weapon
gla Glaive
axeg Greataxe
clug Greatclub
swog Greatsword
gui Guisarme
hal Halberd
hamh Hammer, gnome hooked
haml Hammer, light
axeh Handaxe
jav Javelin
kam Kama
kuk Kukri
lan Lance
bowl Longbow
bowlc Longbow, composite
spel Longspear
swol Longsword
mach Mace, heavy
macl Mace, light
mor Morningstar
net Net
nun Nunchaku
pich Pick, heavy
picl Pick, light
Abbv Weapon
qua Quarterstaff
ran Ranseur
rap Rapier
sai Sai
sap Sap
sci Scimitar
scy Scythe
bows Shortbow
bowsc Shortbow, composite
spes Shortspear
shu Shuriken (5)
sia Siangham
sic Sickle
sli Sling
spe Spear
swob Sword, bastard
swos Sword, short
swot Sword, two-bladed
tri Trident
urg Urgrosh, dwarven
axew Waraxe, dwarven
hamw Warhammer
whi Whip